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Water "Tau", Still, Glass, 0.75 L

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Tasting Notes


Water is pure transparent color.


Water taste rich, refreshing, sweet, well-balanced.


Aroma water neutral, fresh.


Water can be consumed throughout the day, during the meal, as an independent drink for diet.

Interesting Facts

"Tau" - mineral water in a modern style, released by Ty Nant Spring Water in 2003. Water takes its name from the ancient Welsh word "tau", meaning "to be silent, silent." Meaning of the name is reflected in the fresh taste of spring water produced from a unique source in the Cambrian Mountains in Wales, and in the stylish minimalist design of the bottle and the label. Compared with mineral water "Ty Nant", natural mineral water "Tau" has a sweet taste and a higher level of mineralization (202 mg / l), it is completely devoid of nitrates, but rich in calcium. Sulfates and bicarbonates present in the water have a beneficial effect on digestion and biliary tract. Water "Tau" is shown in the diet to restore mineral salts and can be used even by pregnant women.

Mineral spring, which marked the beginning of Ty Nant Spring Water and Water "Ty Nant" (which means "house by the stream"), was opened in 1976 by ​​Jeff and Gvenlian Lockwood. The source was discovered at a depth of 125 meters by accident, when the couple dug wells to restore the water supply in their stone house near the town of Bethania among the coastal hills of Ceredigion in West Wales. Conducted a rigorous analysis of water, which showed the natural purity of water and a unique, well-balanced mineral composition. In 1996, near the source was built a new bottling plant, covering an area of ​​4200 square meters and combines in one place the plant, warehouses and offices, which are located directly above the well. Today mineral water company Ty Nant Spring Water is classified as a premium water, bottled water is a top UK (served to the Royal Palace), exported to more than 30 countries.
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In our store you can buy bottled water "Tau", Still, Glass, 0.75 L, price "Tau", Still, Glass, 0.75 L — $ 3. Producer bottled water Ty Nant Spring Water Ltd. Delivery "Tau", Still, Glass, 0.75 L.

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