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Liqueur "Tatratea" Forest Fruit, 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


Liqueur of warm amber color with deep red glow.


The refined taste of the liqueur combines the shades of forest berries, black tea and fruit candies. The aftertaste is long.


The aroma of the liquor is filled with shades of flowering trees, lavender, raspberry and blueberry leaves.


Liquor can be served both chilled and heated, as part of cocktails (shots, carbonated long drinks), with warm water or tea.

Interesting Facts

The brand "Tatratea" represents strong and dessert liqueurs from the snow-covered ranges of the Slovak Tatras, which are based on black and white tea, herbs and natural fruit extracts. A strong drink, called Tatransky tea, appeared in Slovakia many centuries ago. It was prepared in every house. In the High Tatras there was even such a custom - the residents greeted guests with hot herbal tea, which was infused with alcohol. It was this tea that became the basis for the liquors of "Tatrati". Initially, the company produced only one classic variant with a strength of 52 degrees - "Tatratea" Original. It instantly became popular, especially in winter time at the mountain resorts of Slovakia, seriously pushing the national "slivovitz".
Today, the line of "Tatrati" includes 11 liquors with different flavors. All of them are made from natural plant ingredients and mountain spring water. Alcohol from molasses, made from sugar beet, gives the liqueurs a sweetish taste. The exact formula of each liqueur is the result of countless experiments and tireless work. After two- and three-stage maceration, the liqueur is filtered, becoming impeccably clean, and sent to maturation for 8 weeks.

"Tatratea" Forest Fruit is a unique tea liqueur, which is a stronger version of the liquor "Tatratea" Original and enriched with the sweetness of berry shades. The composition of the liquor includes: a concentrate of flawlessly purified alcohol, first-class black tea Assam, natural extracts of forest berries - blueberries, blueberries and strawberries and pure water from springs from the Tatra Mountains.

Producer's description

Karloff is a Slovak family company that produces and sells premium premium products since 2002. The founder of the company has more than twenty years of experience in the alcohol industry. All Carloff drinks are made exclusively from natural choice ingredients from local and international suppliers. The company's products have been repeatedly awarded with prestigious awards for their taste and design. The leading brand of the company is "Tatratea", representing a number of unique liquors, loved all over the world. With alcohol content ranging from 17% to 72% and a lot of seductive aromas, the brand "Tatrati" will satisfy the taste of any consumer.


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