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Wine Stefano Accordini, Amarone Classico "Acinatico" DOC, 2011

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Tasting Notes


Wine of deep dark red color.


Taste wine - intense, rich, with soft tannin structure and a complex range of shades of black berries. Striking a chord tones exude plums, dried fruit and candied cherry nuances, developing a long finish.


The wine has a rich aroma with a good concentration of tones of black berries, prunes, raisins and candied fruit.


It is best to combine this wine with game such as venison, roasted meat and mature cheeses.

Interesting Facts

"Acinatico" Amarone Classico - is the undisputed leader of Veronese wines. In the early twentieth century it was called "Amarone", from the adjective "Amaro" which means "bitter." Unique and unrepeatable feature of this wine is the technology of its production by the original method using classic varieties of Valpolicella - Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara, which are considered the true treasure of this area. Another unique characteristic of this wine is the process of its production - before vinification grapes left to dry from September to the end of January, beginning of February. This wine is of great importance, as is the product of a rare climate, exclusive vines and special methods of winemaking.

Harvesting for "Acinatico" Amarone Classico vineyards performed in the southeastern mountainous regions of Negrar, located at an altitude of 200-250 meters above sea level, and then, in the beginning of October, the second harvest vineyard management - Mazzurega. Extract of wine for 2 years produced a new French oak barrels Allier, then for 8 months - in bottles. Stabilization of decantation, filtration is eliminated. Storage capacity and great wine is 15-20 years.

The history of wine house Stefano Accordini has deep roots. Initially, members of the family were landowners, and then began to engage in winemaking. He stands at the head of Stefano, who is assisted by his wife Giuseppina and two sons - Justin and Daniel. For each family member has clear objectives in managing the company. Stefano, having a lot of experience, is engaged in winemaking. Justin is responsible for marketing and manages the winery, while Daniele is responsible for the oenology. Contribute to the development of the company and bring his sons' wives who work in management and production together with the children. The family estate is located in the heart of Valpolicella, in a place called Bessole and stretches over 4 hectares. Vineyards have a favorable terroir with southeast exposure and the rich variety of soil components. The main varieties grown on the farm grapes - Corvina, Rondinella and Korvinone who were vaccinated Sefa vines of very high quality. Every year, they give a good harvest of ripe grapes from which produce fine wines.

Winery Stefano Accordini located in Pedemonte. Though he is not great, but is equipped with the most modern technology. Much attention is paid to dried grapes. This technique is used in the production of basic wine farm - "Amarone", "Fornetto", "Fornetto Acinato", "Recioto Acinato", white wine "Bricco delle Bessole", as well as innovative "Passo". Bottling process is given special attention, as it is considered paramount and provides the right balance of the wine.
Family Akkordini known for its hospitality. Their winery is equipped with a very comfortable and cozy tavern, where visitors are always happy to have the opportunity to taste the wines Akkordini properly.


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