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Wine St. Pauls, "Justina" Gewurztraminer, Alto Adige DOC, 2014

$ 25
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Tasting Notes


Wine beautiful golden-yellow color.


Delicate, soft, silky, pleasantly enveloping the taste of wine with notes of sweet exotic fruits, spices and nuances of minerals reserves harmonious aftertaste with accents of honey.


Fresh, spicy, slightly sweet bouquet of wine, woven from flavors of peach, pink grapefruit, rose hips and pineapple, accompanied by notes of pepper, nutmeg and cloves.


Wine is the perfect accompaniment to Asian dishes, shellfish, foie gras and other pâtés. It is also fed to salmon, tuna, poultry, soft cheeses and sweet desserts.

Interesting Facts

St. Pauls, "Justina" Gewurztraminer - well-structured, aromatic, very sweet white wine with a silky texture, referring to the lineup Exclusiv. It is produced from grapes Gewürztraminer grown on loamy soils vineyard Justina, which is located near the village of St. Pauls in the area of ​​Alto Adige DOC.

For mature vintages are used, carefully selected grapes. Fermentation of the wort flows into stainless steel tanks under constant temperature control. Malolactic fermentation is performed. The wine is aged on the lees is carried out in steel tanks for 5-7 months.

Producer's description

The territory of the region Alto Adige, which was a part of Italy less than 100 years ago, often referred to as South Tyrol. This area until 1919 was part of Austria, it is not surprising that in Alto Adige, where equally speak German and Italian, a major wine cooperative Cantina Produttori San Paolo is better known as St. Pauls (St Pauls). It is from this German name in 1907 appeared winemakers association, which was supposed to help them survive in difficult economic conditions prevailing in the early twentieth century. Co-op, which arose near the town of Bolzano in the town of St. Pauls (in Italian San Paolo), eventually grew into a powerful company that controls 175 hectares of vineyards and produces up to 1.2 million bottles of wine per year.

The picturesque surroundings of São Paulo is considered the most suitable place in South Tyrol for winemaking. The vineyards are located on the well-lit hills, the Alps are protected from the effects of cold winds from the north. Thus, in this area the nature has created ideal conditions for the cultivation of both indigenous and international grape varieties of which produce wines of the highest quality.

In the vineyards of the cooperative consciously limit productivity, and grapes are harvested only when it reaches the optimum degree of maturity. Processing berries produced at the winery, equipped with modern equipment. The uniqueness of the plant is that it has four levels. On the top floor of 0 fruit is crushed or squeezed at the 1st level installed steel tanks, and on the 2nd - wooden butts in which fermentation takes place wort. On the ground floor, located at a depth of 22 meters, in oak barriques kept the best wine (preferably red). Winery movement must and wine to the desired floor by gravity, which makes it possible to protect them from damage that can be caused during pumping pumps.

Range of wines produced by the cooperative, reaches four dozen titles. All products are divided into three lines: Classic - base, Exclusiv - wines from specific vineyards and Passion - the premium class.

Wines Cantina Produttori San Paolo, different thin and clean aroma, pleasant and fresh taste, have been repeatedly high ratings of leading Italian wine experts, but most importantly - they have long found their fans who really like.


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In our store you can buy wine St. Pauls, "Justina" Gewurztraminer, Alto Adige DOC, 2014, price St. Pauls, "Justina" Gewurztraminer, Alto Adige DOC, 2014 — $ 25. Producer wine St. Pauls (S.Paolo). Delivery St. Pauls, "Justina" Gewurztraminer, Alto Adige DOC, 2014.

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