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Wine Sine Qua Non, "Stein", 2012

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Tasting Notes


The wine has an iridescent color from dark ruby ​​to purple.


The wine has a truly exciting flavor that combines notes of bitter chocolate, licorice, pear, cream, cherries, violets and vanilla. The finish is very long and mellow, with fine-grained tannins and notes of minerals and spices.


Heady aroma of the wine is filled with flavors of black raspberry, bitter cherry, dark chocolate, violet, olive, espresso coffee and cola.


The wine goes well with meat, various cheeses, stews, salads and fruit.

Interesting Facts

Cascade bright ruby color in the glass iridescent shades of succession, culminating in dark ink on the bottom - a "Five Shooter" Grenache from Sine Qua Non. Wine with the most complex and the most exciting taste, which is made of five grape varieties, dominated by Grenache - hardy variety that grows on dry rocky soils in warm climates and windy here giving their best designs. Addenda Shiraz gives this wine so thickly painted color. And varieties Mourvedre, Viognier Russan and make the taste even more layered and intriguing. Range of flavors begins with notes of pear, violet, licorice and ends with tones of dark chocolate, spices, cherry and vanilla. Anticipated maturity: 2014-2022 years.

The history of the brand Sine Qua Non started in 1994, when the Austrian emigrant Manfred Krankl came to California and became the owner of a modest pastry shop. Settle in California, he got only the second attempt, and confectionery did not bring big profits. Then he and his wife have a new hobby - to make wine with his own hands and treat them to friends. One of my friends was very fond of wine that did Manfred, and he wanted to buy it. The first vintage under the title "Queen of Spades" was released in limited quantities and created a furor. Label with an engraving made personally by the owner, using a special method. Thus, the hobby turned into a profession. "We wanted to make a really tasty and unique wine, different from all the others, for connoisseurs," - says Manfred Krankl and his wife Elaine.

Wine farms Blue Kwa Non today are produced in limited editions, and his eager fans and collectors around the world. Therefore, there is a special waiting list, which may be recorded by anyone. Each bottle and each label is still produced by Manfred method linocuts. Great winemaker Robert Parker, visiting a winery, located in the back yard then one of the industrial sites, found the situation there is similar to the scenery from the movie "Mad Max." But that did not stop assigning high ratings wine farms in 96 points.


  • Color depth: dark
  • Body/Saturation: full-bodied
  • Serving temperature: 16-18°C
  • Website:
  • Aging potential: 15-20 years
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