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Shahnazaryan, "Armenian Cognac" 5 Stars, 0.5 L

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Tasting Notes


Cognac bright amber color with golden highlights.


The taste of cognac is full, harmonious, expressive, with pleasant hints of chocolate and spice notes.


Bouquet Cognac reveals subtle aromas of coffee and chocolate notes attractive.


Cognac is perfect as a digestif, goes well with coffee, cigars, desserts

Interesting Facts

Ordinary "Armenian Cognac" 5 stars is a collection of "Armenian cognac". Alcohols used for the production of the drink, made exclusively from grapes grown in the vineyards EVA "Shahnazaryan" - Garandmak, Rkatsiteli and Mskhali.

After harvesting is done pomace process with a horizontal pneumatic press that crushes not grape seeds. This is the key to soft, pure taste of the future of the beverage. After squeeze the juice to stand for 6-8 hours. Fermentation is carried out on the thin lees in special containers for 3 weeks. For the distillation of wine materials in the production of EVA "Shahnazaryan" Charentaise use traditional alembic. The first distillation occurs over 8-10 hours. The distillate obtained is divided into three parts. The middle part is subjected to a secondary distillation, which lasts 10-12 hours, after which again separates the middle part of the distillate, which at that time has a 68-72% fortress. It is this part of the alcohol is sent to the aging in oak barrels. Barrels are made on its own cooperage manufacturing EVA "Shahnazaryan" of Caucasian oak aged at least 40 years. Part of exposure is carried out in new barrels and partly - in the old ones. Alcohols are usually stored for 25-30 years, rarely more than 50-60 years. Then, a final blending. According to a strictly defined scheme to blended alcohols add pure spring water. Then, ready to drink "rests" for a further 1 year in oak barrels.

Producer's description

Wine and Brandy House "Shahnazaryan" - is a family-based production in 2005 on the basis of Parakarskogo Wine and Cognac Plant. Shortly after its founding, it became clear that the existing capacities are not sufficient for the growing production. Therefore, the company management decided to build a new building not far from the capital of Armenia - Yerevan, in the town of Yeghvard. The history of these lands goes into the distant past, when here among beautiful mountains, majestic churches were built and Astvatsatsin Zorevar.Na new place Shahnazaryan family has expanded not only the production base, but also to lay new vineyards, covering about 50 hectares.

Mission Wine and Brandy House "Shahnazaryan" is the production of this brandy, which in Armenia is considered a drink of philosophers, poets and artists. That is why in the territory of production deployed modern laboratory, which controls the quality of products. Cognac is made exclusively from alcohols made from grapes grown in Armenia. Over production of cognac Houses "Shahnazaryan" employs one of the best winemakers of Armenia Vardan Vardanyan, recognized as the best among the best in 2013.

Today Wine and Brandy House "Shahnazaryan" is among the five most important producers of cognac in Armenia, but also the largest exporter of brandy spirits at factories producing alcoholic beverages, such as Stavropol Wine and Cognac Plant, Usovskie wine and cognac cellars .


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