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Cognac "Shabo" VSOP, gift box, 0.5 L

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Tasting Notes


Cognac crystal amber color with golden tones.


Cognac has a mild fruity flavor with hints of candied orange, white peaches and raisins, and harmonious, spicy aftertaste.


Cognac has a rich aroma with hints of nuts and vanilla.


Cognac is perfect in its pure form, it is recommended as a digestif.

Interesting Facts

Meukow VSOP Cognac is made ​​from the finest cognac and aged in oak barrels for about 12 years.
MEUKAM WSOP win a gold medal at the "Vinalies Oenologist International Challenge, 2002" and "Estonian Wine Challenge" (Tallinn, 2003), and was awarded the prestigious "Cognac Trophy" and recognized as the best cognac at the "International Wine & Spirit Competition, 2004" .

In 1862, the brothers August and Christoph Gustav MEUKAM on instruction of Alexander II founded the Cognac House Meukow, which quickly gained a good reputation. Particularly well-established trade relations with Russia and Scandinavia. After the 1st World War the company was taken over by the family Shepherd, from this time cognac MEUKAM began exporting worldwide. In the mid-20th century the company Meukow became the official supplier of the White House and the House of Lords. In 1979, the production bought Michael Costa, whose son, Philippe Coste, is the current head of the company. For the manufacture of brandy alcohols are used the best of the six sub-regions located around the town of Cognac, making the drink gets the perfect balance and harmony. Wine from its own vineyards is distilled in two alambikah, shutter cognac takes place in Limousin oak barrels. Preference is given to grape variety Ugni Blanc. Cognac Meukow - is the embodiment of harmony and of high quality, it is bottled in an elegant bottle with a picture of a panther that symbolizes the qualities of cognac MEUKAM - strength and softness.

Producer's description

Industrial and trading company "Shabo" creates fine drinks of the highest quality. In matters of quality wine makers are not going to compromise - respected tradition of winemaking, but also apply the most advanced technologies. With this in Shabo wines embody the best natural properties of grapes are preserved taste and aroma freshly picked grapes, their bright varietal characteristics.

Annually the company "Shabo" reaches new professional, industrial and public success, as evidenced by numerous distinctions and awards, including such international competitions as the International Wine Challenge, Decanter World Wine Awards, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, International Wine Contest Bucharest.

Company name is derived from one of the oldest terroirs in Europe - Shabo. Progenitors of winemaking in Chabot considered the ancient Greeks. It is they who in VI-II centuries. BC is based on the Black Sea coast village of Tyre (later g.Akkerman) and the first vines planted here. This was 2500 years ago.
In the 16th century in this region started the "Turkish period". Turkish settlement was named "Asha-Abaga," which translates to "lower the vineyards." The name was not chosen by chance - geographically located below the vineyards of Ackerman (later Belgorod-Dniester). There are different varieties of grapes grown, but among them was one that to this day grows in Chabot, and is considered autochthonous - "Teltow Kuruk", which in Turkish means "fox tail". To save these unique vines in the company "Shabo", a special program.
Home winemaking culture in this region is associated with Swiss settlers founded the winery in 1822 settlement. Overcoming a long way in 2,5 thousand kilometers far from the Swiss canton of Vaud come ashore Dnestr estuary - Asha-in Abaga. However, because of the difficulty of pronunciation, they quickly renamed their settlement - first Shabaga, and then in Chabot. The founder of the colony Louis Tardan wrote: "If you want to see heaven on earth, will not find a better place." Due to the unique characteristics of the terroir and the exceptional hard work of Swiss immigrants, this area has gradually turned into a real viticultural region. That the Swiss have brought to this land European standards of winemaking. As a result, in 1847 Shabo wine got its first gold medal, setting, thus beginning the tradition of a kind - get top awards at competitive tastings of the best in the world.
In Soviet times, the company specialized in primary winemaking, and was one of the largest in the Soviet Union. Vineyards Chabot were a strong point for research. There were grown grapes of different varieties, and wine materials produced for still and sparkling wines, enjoyed great popularity and vintage wines. During Gorbachev's "anti-alcohol campaign," the efforts of local residents managed to keep the vineyards, and enterprise infrastructure. But still in the years of perestroika in the wine Chabot gradually fell into disrepair ...

The centuries-old tradition of wine Shabo inspired the creation in 2003 of the company "Shabo" - Ukrainian wine complex with a complete production cycle. The company's activities focus on the cultivation and processing of grapes, production and sale of alcoholic beverages Shabo, created exclusively from selected grapes. In a short time the company has become the industry leader. Today, a wide range of products Shabo is represented in all regions of Ukraine as well as Georgia, Israel, China, the Baltic countries, Russia, Slovakia, Finland, Japan.


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