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Sparkling wine Schlumberger, White Secco, in Bottle Cooler

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Tasting Notes


Wine bright yellow color with greenish flecks and small perlyazhem reminiscent mousse.


Light, fruity, perfectly balanced taste of the wine leaves a refreshing, delicate and slightly sweet aftertaste.


In wine there is a delicate bouquet fresh scent of ripe apples and apricots in combination with subtle notes of grapes.


Wine is a wonderful aperitif, combined with orange juice, perfectly complements snacks, pastries and desserts such as ice cream and sorbets.

Interesting Facts

Light fruity sparkling wine White Secco, produced for the "Methode Traditionelle" (traditional champagne method), can be called a drink of new generation, created in response to the Prosecco premium. To provide for many years of constant organoleptic qualities of the drink, highly oenologists from year to year, observing certain proportions when mixed wines made from different grape varieties, create cuvee, which is the basis for the future of sparkling wine. Then, according to the technology prepared mixture of cuvee, circulation of liquor and wine yeast culture, bottled and aged in specially equipped underground cellars for at least 18 months at a constant humidity and a temperature of about 15-16 ° C. After removal of the yeast sediment (disgorging) is introduced into the product expedition liqueur containing sugar. View of the Future of sparkling wine depends on the number of liquor added. Dry wine "White Secco" contains a small dose of this liqueur.
In 2011, "White Secco" received a gold medal from the Institute "Wine beverages" in Chicago (USA).

Schlumberger - old Austrian producer of sparkling wines. In 1842, the company established a native of Goldeck Robert Alvin Schlumberger. Prior to the inception of wine at home, he worked in Reims (France) in the famous cellars of Ruinart Pere et Fils, specializing in the production of sparkling wines, and became a good Master Blender. Returning home, Schlumberger organized in Vöslau similar production in accordance with the classical methods of champagne. Already in 1845 Schlumberger wines were awarded to Austrian trade show. In the following decades, the company is expanding and at the turn of the century begins to deliver their products to the Austrian royal court.
After the Second World War, wine house Schlumberger reaches a new level of development and since 1973 is part of the family corporation Underberg. Currently, despite the fact that the owners of the company changed periodically, house sparkling wine Schlumberger as before adheres traditions established by Robert Schlumberger 170 years ago. The wine is made from traditional grape varieties - Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Riesling and Pinot Blanc grown in the Austrian vineyards and aged in the cellars of the famous Schlumberger, which became a popular tourist attraction and a place visited by tourists.



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