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Wine Schlumberger, Pinot Blanc "Les Princes Abbes", Alsace AOC, 2012

$ 13
Ratings and Awards
WS 87
WE 88
8 ratings for other vintages
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Tasting Notes


The wine is a bright pale yellow color.


Fresh, young, well-balanced wine with a pleasant dry and slightly oily texture, notes of apple sauce, marzipan, undergrowth and lemon jam. The finish is medium length, warm and refreshing.


Intense, rich aroma of wine is made up of notes of citrus, yellow fruit, white flowers and sweet brown spice.


The wine goes well with smoked fish, sashimi, easy fast food, snacks and meat delicacies.

Interesting Facts

Pinot Blanc - quite an ancient grape variety: the first mention of it belongs to the XVI century. However, he gained a strong popularity in the last few years. This grape variety originally from northern Italy and Burgundy are not as many mistakenly believe. The first Pinot Blanc grown Anglo-Saxons. The French gradually discovered this sort of wine will appreciate the wine from him for fruitiness, flexibility, freshness and excellent gastronomichnost. Land on which Schlumberger grows Pinot Blanc, located on the Grand Cru vineyards of the category - "Saering" and "Spiegel".
Wine Pinot Blanc "Le Prince Abbe," 2012 is a blend of Pinot Blanc (70%) and Okserua Blanc (30%). Harvested by hand, apply gentle pneumatic pressing and static sedimentation resulting musts. Alcoholic fermentation takes place in tankers at a controlled temperature for 1-4 months. Matured wine purified lees for 7 months.

Producer's description

Members of the family Schlumberger are from Baden-Vyuyurtemberg - areas in Germany. Klaus Schlumberger was the first who settled in the French town of Guebwiller in the 16th century. But later moved to Mulhouse. Later moved here and other family members, most of whom were tanners. Generation gave way to one another, and by the 17th century, Schlumberger was the largest family in the city. One of the descendants of Nicolas Schlumberger moved to Mulhouse in 1810, where he not only opened a weaving factory, and 20 hectares of vineyards and wine cellars. After the death of the winery passed to his sons, Jean, Adolf and Nicolas. Adolf and Nicolas quickly surrendered, and farm management engaged Jean. Subsequently, he inherited all the land, vineyards and woods.

The next owner was the son of Jean Schlumberger - Paul, who was forced to move to Paris with his family (wife and sons, 6), since at the time Alsace was annexed to Germany. His three sons moved to the United States, where they founded the oil company of the same name, and one of his sons - Ernest returned to the winery. He was a fan of wine and dedicated his life to his favorite occupation. Despite the fact that as a result of the disease in one of the years lost all the grapes, Ernest did not despair, and transplanted the vines and expanded its ownership from 40 hectares to 110 hectares. He used a horizontal landing system. Later moved to vineyard management Ernest daughter, Christine, and later her eldest son Eric. Eric Schlumberger retired in 2001 and handed over the company to his son and brother.

Today Domain Schlumberger uses to make wine exclusively own grapes, can boast only 22% of Alsace wine. In addition, the economy is gradually beginning to use organic winemaking principles. 60 hectares of land is being processed in a similar way, with 30 hectares of them practice biodynamic viticulture.


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In our store you can buy wine Schlumberger, Pinot Blanc "Les Princes Abbes", Alsace AOC, 2012, price Schlumberger, Pinot Blanc "Les Princes Abbes", Alsace AOC, 2012 — $ 13. Producer wine Domaines Schlumberger. Delivery Schlumberger, Pinot Blanc "Les Princes Abbes", Alsace AOC, 2012.

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