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Wine Sangiovese Terre Degli Osci IGT 2007

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Tasting Notes


Juicy red wine.


The wine has a dry, soft taste with notes of wild berries, violets and light complexion. Lovely tannins.


The wine has a fresh aroma with notes of fruit.


Wine is a good addition to appetizers, first courses, meat dishes, game and cheese.

Interesting Facts

Family Di Maio (Di Majo), currently headed by Alessio Di Maio, produces wines DOC category in Molise since 1968. Family tradition is always passed on from generation to generation. Rhode Di Maio has more than two centuries. At the beginning of XIX-th century there has grown vine, as evidenced by the ancient winery, whose remains are preserved under the old central square in Campomarino. In the 60s of the last century Di Maio family built a new, modern winery. At the moment, the vineyard area of ​​approximately 52 hectares. In the production sector skillfully combines its core value - old vines with new technologies. Paying particular attention to the cultivation of vines using organic fertilizers and mineral salts of sulfur and copper, guided by the principles of reasonable viticulture, using manual or mechanical treatment of vineyards from weeds and stem leaves residues after the "green fee" in order to avoid the spread of infections. In the 90s of the last century Di Maio Norante attempted to enter the European and American market. Wines were adopted with enthusiasm, the first note in foreign trade press and the first rankings in directories outside of Italy. Through time, Di Maio Norante established themselves as a leading manufacturer of wines from Molise, which became a model for other wineries in the region and "pulled a" and brought to a new level molizskie wine. The most famous wine farms are from two valleys: Schabolone (Sciabolone) Grande and Madonna (Madonna Grande). One of them? Ramitello? consists of 80% Montepulciano and 20% of Aglianico. It is a powerful, fruity and "peppered" wine can withstand even a combination of complex, heavy meals.

Sangiovese Terre Degli Osci - one of the two most famous wines in the world economy Di Maio Norante. Both experts and lovers of Italian wines are unanimous in the opinion that the best combination of price and quality almost impossible to find. This wine is able to make a serious competition and California Sangiovese, and even the famous Italian Chianti. Drinking wine is better young to fully enjoy all its splendor.


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In our store you can buy wine Sangiovese Terre Degli Osci IGT 2007, price Sangiovese Terre Degli Osci IGT 2007 — $ 11. Producer wine Di Majo Norante. Delivery Sangiovese Terre Degli Osci IGT 2007.

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