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Tasting Notes


Jerez light golden color.


The taste of sherry - a classic, rich, full, complex, with a smooth texture and mild sweetness in the long finish.


In the complex flavors of wine felt shades of dried fruits and a hint of oak.


The wine goes well with smoked meats, creamy cheeses. Can be served chilled with ice or a small amount of soda.

Interesting Facts

The climate is perfect for growing Jerez grape from which the wine is made ​​Sandeman, "Dry Don". This - the sunniest region in Europe (the number of sunny days per year comes to 300), and the amount of precipitation is ideal for viticulture. Soil type, which grow Palomino Fino and Pedro Ximenez called "albariza", it is very rich in calcium carbonate and is easily recognizable by the white surface. The berries are picked by hand, and then squeeze the juice from them. Fermentation takes place in several stages and can be stopped intentionally when added to the fermenting wine alcohol. This method makes it possible to preserve the natural sweetness of the wine. Jerez passes aging in oak barrels.

Wine House Sandeman was founded in London in the late XVIII century. In 1790, a young Scottish businessman George Sandeman has invested £ 300 in a small winery for the production of sherry and port. Who would have thought that this little farm was destined by fate to become one of the most important companies in the world of wine.
In 1928, George Masstot-Brown created the label "The Don". Dressed in a long black cloak Spanish caballero and wide-brimmed hat, with a red wine in the glass, this mysterious image appeared on the logo of the wine sector and it became associated with Sandeman.

The reasons for the success of Sandeman is skill always maintain a balance between tradition and innovation and adherence to only the highest quality standards. In addition, Sandeman is widely regarded as an innovator in the creation of the brand: in the beginning of the XIX century wine of this brand were sold with the logo and seal.

Today Sandeman belongs to the Portuguese group Sogrape Vinhos. The fame of the family business Sandeman sold around the world and has become synonymous with high quality. The seventh generation in the person of George Sandeman is a hereditary business of this wine house, manufacturing all the same unsurpassed wine - mysterious and seductive.


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