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Water "SPA Reine" Still, PET, 2 L

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Tasting Notes


The water is clear, crystal clear.


The taste of water is clean and balanced, with an amazingly soft texture.


The aroma of water is refreshing, clean.


Water is suitable for daily use, it can be given to children from the first days of life, to cook on it baby and diet food, as well as a variety of drinks.

Interesting Facts

"SPA Reine" Still - the softest natural water with a low level of mineralization. It has a tender structure and neutral taste, which allows you to prepare on its basis drinks, baby food and meals for a daily meal. The mineral content in the SPA Rhine is the lowest among European waters, so it can be consumed by children, pregnant and lactating women, and also by adherents of the low-salt diet.

The name of the water "Reine" in French means "Queen". Water is extracted from the source Source de la Reine (Queen's Spring), dedicated to the wife of the Belgian King Leopold - Maria Henrietta. The surrounding area is one of the largest protected areas in Europe, the active protection of nature has been conducted for more than 125 years, and human influence is as limited as possible. There are no agrarian and industrial enterprises, and the traffic of vehicles is strictly controlled.

The origin of the water "Rain Rain is snow and rain." Precipitation falls in the protected area of ​​Fan, after which the water passes several stages of natural filtration, first it seeps through the layers of peat and sphagnum formed about 10 thousand years ago, and then it penetrates a layer of sand, already 50 million years, then the drops pass through silicon clays formed 100 million years ago, a layer of ancient quartzites and phyllites completes the natural filtration, formed 500 million years ago. these stages of purification, a drop of water takes 4-5 years.

Healing waters of the Spa area were known to the ancient Romans. Pliny the Elder described a fountain filled with bubbles and possessing miraculous properties. The popularity of the waters of the Spa did not subside in the Middle Ages, and in the Renaissance. For the first time, water from a local source was bottled in 1583. Since then, the name of the area Spa has become firmly established in many European languages ​​as a symbol of health and beauty.

Producer's description

Spadel is Belgium's largest and most recent independent family business. The company specializes in bottling natural water and producing refreshing drinks based on them. Earlier the company bore the name SPA Monopole and was engaged in bottling and supplying medicinal waters from the Spa. Its recognizable logo with the image of Pierrot's mime was developed in 1924 by the famous French illustrator Jean d'Illaine. This logo was used for the first advertising company SPA Monopole and is used to this day, after renaming it to Spadel .

Spadel has five production sites in Europe: in the Belgian towns of Spa and Bru, French Watville and Riboville, as well as in the Welsh Brecon Carreg. In 2004, Spadel reconstructed thermal baths Thermes de Spa, thus opening a new chapter of its activities.


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