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Vodka Russian Standard Imperia Swarovski, 0.75 L

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Tasting Notes




By filtering using quartz, vodka "Empire" has a soft, velvety texture. In the rich taste of trapped light floral tones and warm notes of herbs. In a soft, warm sound nutty aftertaste notes.


The elegant and bright flavor sounds warm spicy chocolate notes.


Perfect for spicy fish dishes, hodgepodge, red and white meat, poultry, eggs, meats, pancakes, pies, marinated mushrooms and pickles.

Interesting Facts

Leader in the production of vodka "premium" - the company "Russian Standard" has decided not to stop there, and in 2004 introduced its vodka class of "super-premium" - "Russian Standard Empire."
For its production uses only the best winter wheat durum Chernozem, and is the basis for a unique soft water of Lake Ladoga. After completion of the fermentation process is carried eightfold distillation to provide the purest alcohol. Then already finished vodka passes multistage purification. She first four filtered through charcoal, and then twice more through the Ural quartz, and thus acquires a unique soft and velvety taste.
Exquisite decor and original shape of the bottle, "Russian Standard Empire" made in the form of the Tsar Bell, adequately emphasize the high quality of the contents.
For the most solemn moments of your life company "Russian Standard" has released a special edition bottles, making them more luxurious, thanks inlay Swarovski crystals.
In our store you can buy vodka Russian Standard Imperia Swarovski, 0.75 L, price Russian Standard Imperia Swarovski, 0.75 L — $ 19. Producer vodka Russian Standard. Delivery Russian Standard Imperia Swarovski, 0.75 L.

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