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Wine Reserve "Mouton Cadet", Saint-Emilion AOC, 2013

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Tasting Notes


The wine is dark garnet color with a purple hue.


Well-structured and well-balanced wine attracts elegant, rounded taste with velvety tannins, hints of dark berries, herbs and spices. Long aftertaste marked nuances of licorice.


In a complex, multi-faceted bouquet of wine intense aromas of cherry, blackberry and black currant accompanied by pleasant notes of jam.


This wine will perfectly complement taste stew, steak, grilled meat, duck or guinea fowl. It is fed to the semi-solid and solid cheese, rabbit or a spicy sauce with hare, venison, lamb, turkey and beef stew.

Interesting Facts

Fine wine Reserve "Mouton Cadet" demonstrates the exceptional richness of flavor and aroma, woven from a variety of elegant colors, as well as the full potential of Merlot grapes, which dominates the blended wine. It is made from carefully selected, hand-picked grapes which are grown in the best vineyards of Saint-Emilion appellasona partners Baron Rothschild - independent growers. Grapes are fermented in steel tanks at controlled temperature. The wine is aged for 12-18 months. Wine line "Mouton Cadet" produced and bottled at the winery Saint-Laurent-Medoc. Wine storage potential is 6-8 years.

"Mouton Cadet" - the flagship brand of wines of Baron Philippe de Rothschild. Since 1930, "Mouton Cadet" combines the quality, prestige and know-how in the seductive and expressive wines. These wines - the fruit of a generous nature and talent of winemakers, the result of combining the inimitable terroir and the passion of Baron Philippe de Rothschild.

The history of the "Mouton Cadet" begins at the end of the 1920s during the time of crop failure. The wines produced in this period, seemed unworthy to be called Mouton-Rothschild. Already in 1930, the wine was released under the name "Mouton Cadet". The word "Cadet" in French means "little brother." But, despite the lack of the traditional prestige created wine was a great success. To repeat the triumph of wine, Rothschild was forced to ask for grapes to neighboring farms. Originally wine made from appellasona Pauillac, but with the growth in demand has been used grapes from appellasonov Saint Estephe and Medoc. In subsequent years, wine included grapes from vineyards even more significant, but with the beginning of World War II, production was halted. After the war, resumed production of wines under the classification of Bordeaux AOC (1947). In 1970, in accordance with the concept of the brand has been added white wine, resulting in 1975 sales amounted to more than 3 million. Bottles worldwide. In 1996, the wine was created Réserve "Mouton Cadet", which is characterized by a great potential for aging.

Brand logo "Mouton Cadet" - is a stylized image of a combination of a bunch of grapes and a lamb ("Mouton" in French means "lamb").

Brand "Mouton Cadet" is one of the best selling in 2007, sales totaled 30 million. Bottles. In the same year in the line of "Mouton Cadet" Add rose wine, and there are three wines in the lineup Réserve "Mouton Cadet" (Saint-Émilion, Sauternes and Graves). Today wine "Mouton Cadet" exported to more than 150 countries worldwide. These wines can be found in prestigious restaurants in the US, Europe and Asia, the best hotels resorts in the world, on board the Concorde and the transatlantic liner. "Mouton Cadet" is not the first year is the sponsor of the Cannes Film Festival, Rolland Garros tennis tournament, as well as the Russian Theatre Festival Golden Mask.


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