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Wine "Regaleali" IGT, 2014

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Tasting Notes


Wine bright straw yellow color with a slight greenish tint.


"Regaleali" has a light, rich, elegant, refreshing taste good with crisp acidity and a long finish with charming fruity notes.


Wine attracts a delicate fruity aroma with notes of green apple, white stone fruit, pear and grapefruit.


Wine is in its pure form as an aperitif and as an accompaniment snacks, salads, pastas, fish dishes and seafood. It will also make a wonderful couple with Asian cuisine.

Interesting Facts

"Regaleali" - this is the first wine made ​​Conti Tasca d'Almerita in the realm of Regaleali. A balanced combination of several grape varieties allowed to reach such a perfect result that white wine "Regaleali" enjoys big enough demand for 52 years. This wine - a real classic, prophetically looking to the future. Its classic styling and a bottle emphasizes the so-called Rhine forms characteristic of many famous white wines. "Regaleali" Bianco - the most famous and sell wine industry.
In the production of "Regaleali" Bianco 2013 fermentation proceeded in steel tanks at controlled room temperature 14-16 ° C for 20 days. Malolactic fermentation was carried out. Extract of wine in stainless steel tanks took 3 months and 1 month, it matures in bottles.

History Conte Tasca d'Almerita begins in 1830, when brothers Don and Don Lucio Tasca acquired Carmelo Mastrodzhiovanni Regaleali former fortress, which is located on the border between the provinces of Palermo and Kaltanisetta, in the heart of Sicily. Regaleali name comes from the Arabic "RahalAli" - farm Ali.
Much has changed since then, but remain unchanged love for the area, respect for tradition, the cultivation of grapes and a remarkable production of high quality wines. Tasca d'Almerita company has existed for over 150 years, today it is known worldwide for its wines regularly receive awards at various competitions. Land farm consists of 500 hectares, 360 of which are given over to vineyards. They are located at an altitude of 400 to 750 meters above sea level.
The local climate has unique characteristics, it allows you to collect a late harvest, making wine acquire unique tone. In the year produced 3 million. Bottles. The motto of the economy reads: "Tradition and innovation." Owners Tasca d'Almerita care about the traditions and keeping pace with the times. They are used in the production of advanced equipment, thus solving, issues of tomorrow, today.
The estate Tasca d'Almerita constantly being zonal research and work on the selection of clones. In accordance with the results of their annual planted new vines. In addition, there are experimental estate vineyards where the grapes are compared from around the world (Italian, Greek, Spanish, French, etc.), as well as test new rootstocks and new clones of autochthonous and international varieties. With four artificial lakes vineyards never suffer from hot and dry sirocco wind that sometimes raging hot Sicilian summer. The quality of wine that will get at the winery, laid it in the vineyards, and technology can only emphasize what is given by nature.


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In our store you can buy wine "Regaleali" IGT, 2014, price "Regaleali" IGT, 2014 — $ 14. Producer wine Tasca d'Almerita. Delivery "Regaleali" IGT, 2014.

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