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Tasting Notes


Wine beautiful purple-red color.


Wine charms perfectly structured, persistent, pleasantly refreshing, harmonious taste, which demonstrates a perfect balance of acidity and well integrated tannins sweetish.


The wine reveals spicy aroma with bright tones of ripe cherries and notes of eucalyptus essential.


The wine will be paired with delicious beef, lamb, veal, pork and other meats, it also serves to various moderately spicy dishes and cheeses.

Interesting Facts

To create a semi-dry red wine "I Monili", having a spicy flavor and generous, fresh, robust flavor, use Primitivo grapes, sometimes adding to it up to 10% of the other red varieties. The grapes are grown in the commune in the province of Taranto Manduria. Vines growing on fertile soils with deep deposits of limestone, have yields of 70-90 quintals per hectare. Crop is harvested by hand from late August to early September. Vinification and the subsequent maturation of wines made in stainless steel tanks. "I Monili" - the best wine for everyday use, good value for money.

Producer's description

Winery south of Italy has a long and complex history. It is believed that the first "domesticated" vines were planted in the hills of Puglia, Campania and Bazalikaty, but the events developed in such a way that in the 19th century, most of the vineyards were abandoned. Two world wars that took place in the first half of the 20th century, also contributed to the development of agriculture in Italy, and the majority of farmers were forced to seek a better life abroad.
In the last two decades, the situation in the south of Italy has changed dramatically. Vineyards, which for many years were in a state of desolation, revives a new generation of winemakers, among them, and refers Perruchchi Gregorio, who heads today Accademia dei Racemi.

Accademia dei Racemi, known simply as Racemi, is an association of small Vineyard and Puglia, each of which produces a small amount of wine, but they are all committed to winemaking traditions of southern Italy. These farms are so small that a few decades ago could only sell their wine in bulk to Spain, France and northern Italy, where they were illegally used to improve the weaker vintages. The aim was to promote Racemi local wine outside the region, and later to the international market.
Available Accademia is a large winery, built by Constantine Perruchchi and managed today by his son Gregory, who in 1998 produced the first wine category Primitivo di Manduria DOC. Before that, all sorts of wines from Primitivo bottled as canteens.

For Puglia is characterized by a wide variety of soils, which naturally affects the taste and character of the wine. Rich in iron and potassium red earth give birth to wines with low acidity and great fruitiness. Black earth gives good acidity and spice. There are rocky soil with travertine, and there are sandy - resembling the composition of the soil Chilean vineyards that are resistant to penetration by phylloxera. Salvatore Mero - specialist in charge of the vineyards Racemi, prefers to plant vines on American rootstock that is resistant to dry and hot climate of the region. Thanks to the efforts of winegrowers Rachemi been restored not only the vineyards of traditional varieties of Negroamaro and Primitivo, and saved from extinction wines from indigenous grapes Suzumanello and Ottavyanello. Wineries belonging to the Accademia dei Racemi, updating methods of cultivation and vinification of grapes, were able to create wines that significantly raised the status of Puglia wine not only in the country but also in the international market. It should be noted that the region is currently available to 17% of the wine produced in Italy.


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