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Wine Quintarelli Giuseppe, "Primofiore", 2011, 1.5 L

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Tasting Notes


Wine of intense ruby ​​red color.


Taste wine luxurious, rich with fruit, spicy, herbal and earthy tones, with soft, perfectly balanced acidity, tannin structure and a long finish.


The aroma of wine - charming symphony, woven from notes of red berries, black cherry and violet colors.


Wine matches perfectly with beef carpaccio and delicate dishes of red meat and poultry.

Interesting Facts

"Primofiore" - a magical, rich and voluptuous wine, juicy and bright. Like the rest of the wine Quintarelli, "Primofore" is a masterpiece, testifying to the time, tradition, skill and passion of its creator. But the wine has its own characteristics that distinguish it from other wine farms. Firstly, it is the only red wine Quintarelli, in the production of which is not being used dried grapes or Ripasso technique. Secondly, it is the young red wine, winery released. Third, after the harvest, the grapes for this wine creation is left in wooden boxes for further maturation. And finally, - the wine is kept smaller than the others, for what may have been called "Primofore" or "Primrose".
But there is another reason for the appearance of the name of the wine: "primofore" can be roughly translated as "first press" (juice obtained from the first pressing, called "Fiore" - "flower"). It is the juice used to create great wine Amarone is added to the wine "Primofore" to achieve greater depth and complexity. Wine is aged for at least 2 years in Slavonian oak casks of medium-sized and 12 months in bottles.

Giuseppe Quintarelli
born March 19, 1927 in the municipality of Negrar in the Veneto region. His father, Silvio, cultivated vineyards in the common system. Already in 1906, Silvio Quintarelli exported barrel of his wine in America. The official founding date of the economy considered Quintarelli 1924. Giuseppe, a former youngest son Silvio, began to lead the economy in 1950, immediately began a program to improve and expand it. The thing is that most winemakers in the region at that time preferred production of cheap wine Valpolicella with a simple character. Giuseppe immediately went the other way. His guilt over half a century are considered the best in the region and are the standard style of Valpolicella. Giuseppe, who worked tirelessly to find the perfect balance between tradition, innovation and passion. He was considered by many to be the best producer of Amarone della Valpolicella, which is kept for seven years in large Slavonian oak barrels. This wine is considered one of the most complex wines produced in Italy. Today Amarone 2000 vintage sells for around £ 300.

Giuseppe Quintarelli vineyards consist of several sections and occupy a total of 12 hectares. Unlike other farms Valpolicella, where traditionally cultivated only red varieties grown Quintarelli and white grapes - Garganega, Trebbiano, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and very rare variety Saorin which characteristics similar to Tokay Friulano. In its work, Giuseppe guided by the principle that "you can never use violence against nature - harvest only one that gives nature. If this year grow a smaller, it will sell less." Giuseppe died in January 2012, now his business continues wife Franca and their four daughters.


  • Color depth: moderate
  • Body/Saturation: full-bodied
  • Serving temperature: 18-20°С
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