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Quinta do Portal, "Porto Alegre" 10 Years Old, Douro DOC, wooden box

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Tasting Notes


Wonderful wine, deep golden brown.


Wine with a fantastic character with perfectly smooth and refined taste, very complex aftertaste, possible only with the great wines of Porto.


The aroma of wine gossip of the bright notes of dried fruits (raisins) and wood.


The wine is elegant digestif, goes well with fruit pies, pears, soft cream cheese, egg desserts.

Interesting Facts

Wine "Six Barrels" Tawny Reserve Port is a blend of the unique seven-year golden vintage ports extracts derived from careful selection of the six best barrels. The concept of wine is reflected in the name of the port, which is also intended to pay tribute to the founder of the winery - each of the six barrels of delicious symbolizes one of six grandchildren, the first owner of Quinta do Portal.

Wine made from classic grape varieties oldest wine region of Portugal - Douro. Crop harvested in September and October of each year; vineyards yield of 6 tons per hectare. For the production of wine "Six Barrels" grapes are harvested by hand and transported on a farmstead in small boxes. Maceration takes place at a controlled temperature of 28-30 ° C in steel tanks "lagares". Aged wine in old oak barrels.

Quinta do Portal - winery, located in the highlands region of the Douro in the north of Portugal. Its history is inextricably linked with family Mansilha, which is more than a century engaged in the production of magnificent port, and the roots of this ancient family, living in the land of the Douro, can be traced to the 15th century. Since 1974, the family business began to expand. Invested heavily in vineyards, which currently cover about 100 acres of land in the valley of Pinhao, estates were bought Quinta do Confradeiro and Quinta da Abelheira, built new cellars and modern equipment at the plant. Due to the fact that the company owns its own vineyards, has a unique opportunity to monitor the entire process of wine making, beginning and ending with the vine cellars.

At present, the farm Quinta do Portal offers consumers modern dry wines Douro DOC, Moscatel Douro DOC and a wide variety of different port. Create great drinks deals with a team of professionals, which includes responsible for the production of vintage ports Pascal Chatonnet - famous French winemaker and a consummate master of blending Jeremy Bull, wine production since 1993 headed by Paulo Coutinho.
Wine, created from traditional Portuguese grape varieties, has its own character and refined modern style. Quinta do Portal has received several awards for the design of bottles and packaging for their products. The company believes that the refined and rich wines of excellent quality should have a decent design.


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