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Quinta do Crasto, Late Bottled Vintage Porto, 2010, 375 ml

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Tasting Notes


Port dark garnet color.


Elegant taste of port wine has a mature structure, good volume and silky tannins, pleasant notes of wild berries and spices and refreshing long aftertaste.


Rich aroma of port demonstrates notes of red berries, citrus fruits and nuts.


Port wine is served with cheeses and desserts.

Interesting Facts

Port Quinta do Crasto, LBV created from several grape varieties grown in the estate of Quinta do Crasto. Harvested from vines aged 60 years, sorted and placed in stone Lagar. Berries with crests choke here kicking and left to ferment. Port used for aging oak barrels volume of 9000 liters. Bottling is done in 4 years without filtration and purification, so over time at the bottom of the port can form a precipitate.

Producer's description

Quinta do Crasto - winery length of 130 hectares, located on the right bank of the river Douro. The estate is famous for its rich history, and its vineyards are mentioned in the chronicles of the century and a half before the Douro area in 1759 was named the wine region. The world economy has brought fame XX century, when the estate was taken over by Constantino de Almeida - the owner of the famous house Constantino Port. It was his descendants - Miguel, Rita and Thomas Rokvitt (Roquette) are now headed thoroughly overgrown and updated facilities, which is called the largest family estate Douro region. The owners of Quinta do Crasto also includes a powerful group "Douro Boys", which united five large wineries Douro to promote local wines in the world market.

The vineyards of the estate of Quinta do Krashtu occupy about 70 hectares of the whole territory of the economy, mainly being located on the southern slopes, at an altitude of 400-600 meters above sea level. New plantations are laid as high as possible, and each one is grown grapes. In the upper part of the estate planted Turiga Nacional, Tinta Barroca, Tinta Cao, Tinta Roriz and Tinta Franca. At the bottom of the economy are old vineyards "Maria Teresa" and "Vigna da Ponte", which grows about 30 varieties of grapes aged from 70 to 100 years.
Winery Quinta do Crasto produces several types of classic wines and port. Harvesting and sorting passes berries by hand and used for aging wine barrels of American and French oak. Port wines of Quinta do Krashtu are usually in the best years with proper control of the overall structure of the wine. Table wine estates, like most in the valley, are classified as "garage" wines, but the family Rokvitt still hopes to turn them into wine level DOC.


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