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Sparkling wine "Primo V" Prosecco

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Tasting Notes


Wine of pale straw-yellow color with a greenish tint.


The taste of wine is fresh, clean, with a perfect balance between acidity and sweetness, hints of citrus and orchard, generous mineral overtones, soft texture and persistent aftertaste.


The aroma of wine - floral, with fruity nuances of apple, citrus and white peach.


Wine is the perfect aperitif, versatile for combining with many dishes, especially tasty with crunchy, salty foods and shellfish, snacks and spicy dishes. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Interesting Facts

The range of premium kosher wines "Primo V" known and loved throughout the world. Wine line "Primo V" created at different wineries in Italy and combine rich tradition and experience with the essence of Italian winemaking heritage Kosher and produced according to strict rules of Judaism. Each step throughout the process of wine production is certified and is under the supervision and with the full participation of an Orthodox rabbi who is responsible for ensuring that the product is genuine: without any preservatives or additives established by properly steam sterilized before using the equipment.

"Primo V" Prosecco - from the classic white wine for sparkling wines of the region Treiso grapes Glera (Prosecco). The wine is produced in the Tenuta San Gregorio - a prestigious family winery, which owns more than 60 hectares of sun-drenched vineyards, stretched on a unique island in the River Piave, north of Treviso, in the heart of the enchanting wild natural beauty. More than forty years Tenuta San Gregorio is the standard-bearer of culture and heritage of viticulture wine eastern Veneto. This ranks the company achieved through a combination of in their work know-how, traditional experience and careful attention to the most modern production technologies. A wide range of wines San Gregorio famous for its high level of quality and unique flavor.

Wine line "Primo V" is made ​​under license from Welner Wines on Italian wineries. Also on the world market the company offers a line of kosher wines "Terroso", which are manufactured in large wineries in Argentina and Chile, wine from South Africa, France, Spain and Australia. Welner Wines - a family company, which aims to find the best vineyards and grapes all over the world to offer the market high-quality beverages at a competitive price. Shimshon Velner heads the company, which is also known as the founder and managing director of the winery Yarden.


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In our store you can buy sparkling wine "Primo V" Prosecco, price "Primo V" Prosecco — $ 6. Producer sparkling wine Welner Wines. Delivery "Primo V" Prosecco.

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