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Beer "Primator" Weizenbier, 0.5 L

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Tasting Notes


Beer of cloudy light yellow color with a high, resistant foam cap.


Beer has a strong, smooth, crispy taste with abundant notes of lemon, orange, banana, spices (cloves, coriander), wheat, yeast, soft herb hop bitterness and light astringency.


In the intense, complex aroma of beer, harmoniously combine the tones of wheat, bread, banana, lemon, orange, pear, clove, coriander, grass, flowers and yeast.


Beer is recommended to be combined with steaks and other roasted meats (especially pork or duck), sausages, sausages, meatballs, seafood and soft Mozzarella cheeses.

Interesting Facts

"Primator" Weizenbier is a light unfiltered wheat beer with a complex aroma and unique, strong, lively taste resulting from mixing of wheat and barley malt, yeast of top fermentation and fragrant zhatez hops. It perfectly quenches thirst. Beer is recommended to be served chilled to 6-8 ° C in a tall glass of thin glass, with a slice of lemon.
"Primator" Weizenbir received a large number of awards. Among the last - gold medals at the "Barcelona Beer Challenge", "World Beer Idol" and "Zlatá pivní pečeť - České Budějovice" in 2017, silver medals at the Brussels Beer Challenge and European Beer Star - Norimberk in 2016 .

Producer's description

Brewing in the Czech city of Nakhod was already practiced in the Middle Ages, many residents of the city brewed beer at home. In 1871, the City Council decided to establish the official city brewery Pivovar Náchod . Construction of the plant went on for more than a year, this process was observed by the whole city. October 3, 1873, the first beer was cooked. Until the 19th century, the brewery produced two types of beer - 10 and 11 degrees, and beer with a 12-13 degree strength was brewed for big holidays. Beer was quality, so its popularity and sales grew. In the 30-ies of the XX century a new building was built, and in 1935 a patented brand of beer appeared - "Primator". Today, the Brewery Nachod is one of the most highly ecological and technically equipped plants in the Czech Republic. Beer factory fully meets international quality standards and remains true to unique taste.


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