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Beer "Praga" Premium Pils, in can, 0.5 L

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Tasting Notes


Beer is golden-amber.


The taste of the beer is rather dry, light and refreshing, with hints of nuts and white bread.


The aroma of beer is revealed by the shades of freshly baked pretzels and fig jam.


Beer is recommended to serve as an aperitif or digestive, with dishes from chicken, vegetable salads and soft cheeses.

Interesting Facts

"Praga" Premium Pils - authentic Czech pilsner, cooked from hops, barley and water. Its classic and complex taste demonstrates pleasant softness, light dryness and striking freshness, and the aroma is filled with unusual tones of pretzels and fig jam. For its outstanding taste and aroma characteristics, the Prague beer "Premium Pils" received a gold medal on the WBC.

The beer brand "Prague" was designed by two friends - Martin and Miroslav. Both of them have long been successful leaders of breweries, having behind him decades of experience in promoting a variety of foam drink beverages. Long dream of friends was to create their own, recognizable beer, which would reflect the rich heritage of many generations of Czech brewers. To implement plans in life, Martin and Miroslav managed in 2004. They founded the brand "Prague" and for more than ten years of work popularized it in 35 countries outside the Czech Republic. For the beer "Praga", which is brewed at the Pivovar Samson plant, exclusively soft water is used from old artesian wells, malt from Czech barley and famous zhatez hops. Fermentation of a foamy drink is carried out with special strains of yeast, derived in the Czech Republic a century and a half ago.

Producer's description

The brewing company Pivovar Samson (in the German version of Budweiser Burgerbrau) is located in the Czech city of Budejovice. It was opened in 1795 and is considered the oldest in the region. At one time the company planned to use the Budweiser brand for its products, but the Budweiser Budvar brewery did not allow it to do it, despite the fact that Pivovar Samson was known in German-speaking areas under this name much earlier.

Citizens of Budejovice had the imperial permission to brew beer in the Middle Ages. In 1495 an agreement was reached, according to which the townspeople undertook to cook beer from barley malt, and the authorities - from wheat. At that time, officials were building their own breweries, and among them there were often disputes. One such dispute was resolved by the commission of the Empress Maria Theresa in such a way that in 1751 two breweries were transferred to the townspeople, and in 1795 merged into one - Mestansky pivovar Budejovice. This was the origin of the brewery, which in 1960 was renamed Samson Brewery. In 2001, the plant returned to the old name, and a decade later it was divided into two branches: Samson Brewer and Mestansky pivovar Budejovice.


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