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Wine Porto Cruz, Madere

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Tasting Notes


The wine shows a reddish-copper color with amber highlights.


The taste of wine - rich, sweet and velvety. It seductive notes of caramel and nuts combined with tones of ripe fruit and nuances of honey and a pleasant fruity acidity fill a long aftertaste.


The aroma of wine felt tones of dried fruit, especially dried apricots and raisins accents and touches of spices and nuts.


The wine is perfect as a digestif, and it should be served with desserts and cheeses.

Interesting Facts

Porto Cruz, Madere - dessert wine with a rich, sweet taste with typical notes of caramel and walnut. The wine is made in the historical region of Madeira, in accordance with ancient recipes sweet fortified wine production. Porto Cruz Madera aged for 5 years in French oak barrels, which gives the wine is special, "strong" character. Excellent quality and great taste of Porto Cruz Madera was estimated at many international competitions, including:
- Concours Mondial Bruxelles 2005 Belgium (silver medal)
- International Wine Challenge in 2005 in the UK (Bronze)
- IX Wine Masters Challenge WMC in 2007 (Gold Medal)

The company Gran Cruz Porto, initially bearing the name Assuncao, was founded in 1887 by entrepreneurs who had a stock of old port. When the 1974 coup in Portugal, was stored in the cellars of about 4 million liters of aged port. In search of a safer place owners of the company moved to Brazil, where he began to think about selling their business, but because of the social instability in Portugal, no one dared to put money into it. In those, the current director of the company, M. Rocha Pinto, has entered the wine business circles of the elite, he was able to convince the owners of the French company La Martiniquaise buy a promising business for which, in turn, it was a good opportunity to become both an importer and exporter of port . Thus, the French company acquired a 95% equity Assuncao, and the remaining 5% bought Rocha Pinto, renaming the company in Gran Cruz.

Traditionally, the production of port wine harvest begins in September, and then squeeze the juice of grapes and fermented for two days, the wine rested in the winter and spring of port wine cellars wine merchants went to the opposite bank of the river Douro. Many years this road was overcome on special flat-bottomed sailing barges (boats "Rabelo"). As a tribute to the magnificent history of the company Gran Cruz revived this tradition, sail boats belonging to it are red and black.

Today Gran Cruz is one of the main producers of Port wine, sold in more than 30 countries. In the cellars of the company it is now an impressive stock of wine stored in more than 200 barrels, holds about 35 thousand. Liters of port. These drums were made by hand and each of them is unique. Age of the youngest vintage ports - 3 years, and some wines are aged for 10-30 years.


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