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Wine Podere San Cristoforo, "Luminoso", Maremma Toscana IGT, in gift box, 250 ml

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Tasting Notes


Wine rich amber color with a touch of honey.


Wine attracts pure, delicate, sweet flavor with hints of candied and dried fruit, joined by notes of marshmallow, pollen and honey.


Wine with a complex bouquet of thick mesmerizing bright aromas of tropical fruit, yellow flowers, honey, figs, marmalade and herbs.


Wine can be offered to foie gras, fish and white meat, salads and blue cheese. It is served as a digestif and as an accompaniment to not very sweet desserts and fruits.

Interesting Facts

Podere San Cristoforo, "Luminoso" - biodynamic white sweet wine with rich fruit aroma and taste. It is produced from grapes Vermentino (55%) and Trebbiano (45%), in the region vyraschenenogo Maremma in Tuscany. Stony soil on which the vines grow, represent the Aeolian deposits of medium texture, containing clay and minerals. The wine is made from carefully selected, healthy berries collected during optimum maturity. After a traditional vinification "Luminoso" within 60 months passes aging in small oak barrels. Before bottling the wine is not filtered.

Producer's description

Podere San Cristoforo - a small winery, located in Maremma. This geographical area is located on the west coast of Tuscany, where in recent years there has been rapid development of viticulture and winemaking. The farm, founded in 1901, for nearly 100 years was engaged in the cultivation of various crops, including a large share held sunflower.

Since 2000, at Podere San Cristoforo made ​​major changes associated with the implementation of a personal project Lorenzo Zonin (Lorenzo Zonin) - a representative of the famous Italian family of winemakers. Engage in the manufacture of wine young man decided consciously. By this time he had already a long time to work in the family business marketing manager, to do an internship in a number of wineries and get a degree in the School of the International Organization of viticulture and winemaking. Being a full-fledged expert in the field of wine, he decided to dedicate his life passionately beloved work. It is interesting that the wine Lorenzo is as a living being, believing that it is in any other product, displayed personality of its creator.

To carry out its ambitious plans Lorenzo Zonin chose Podere San Cristoforo, as I realized that its climate and earth enable to produce wines of the highest class. In an economy dominated by marginal, mineral-rich, well-drained soil, formed by aeolian sediments from nearby hills commune Gavorrano. Favorable climatic conditions provides constantly blown vineyards sea breeze, which reduces the heat of the day and obsushivaya vine after rain, protects the grapes from moldy.

The total area of ​​the farm is 45 acres. Of these, 15 hectares are reserved for vineyards, 2 ha of olive trees and 20 hectares of cultivated crops and sunflower. Given the characteristics of the local terroir, the farm was planted Sangiovese (10 ha), Syrah (1 ha), Petit Verdot (2 ha), as well as Trebbiano, which together with the preservation of the old plantations Vermentino, covers an area of ​​2 hectares. In processing the vineyards Lorenzo deliberately abandoned the use of the latest technology, while it focuses on carefully planned and meticulously executed by manual operations that contribute to the strengthening of the balance of nature and natural protective forces of the vine.

Beginning in 2008, Lorenzo emphatically introduces the principles of biodynamics in the economy. He believes that the restoration of natural ecosystems in the vineyard, will not only improve the quality of wines, but also returns the correct, almost lost relationship to the vine grower, when he was more an observer than the figure.

High-quality terroir wines in the farm produce with a deep understanding of the processes and the use of traditional techniques that involve the application of restrictions yields, exposure not new wines in oak barrels and deliberate rejection of their filtering. Such an approach to the production of wines explains quite a small scale, is a little over 30 thousand bottles per year.

In the manufacture of its exciting and unique wines Lorenzo Zonin listens to the daily breath of nature. All his fault - works of art that receives high marks from Italian and international critics.


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