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Tasting Notes


Wine red living.


The wine has a well-balanced taste with a pleasant velvety texture, rich wine and fruit shades.


Fruity flavor of the wine is filled with bright notes of black cherry and black currant.


Wine is served to red meat and game, it is recommended to aged cheeses.

Interesting Facts

Young, rich red wine "Nobili di Trinacria" is made ​​from grapes of Nero d'Avola grown in Sicily. In ancient times, the Greeks called Trinacria Sicily, ie "triangular" - the name given to the shape of the island.

For over a hundred years does not change the basic principle of the winery Pirovano - offer its customers the best wines from the best of the wine regions of Italy. It is a guarantee to consumers that each wine, reflecting the best characteristics of the terroir of the region, manufactured in accordance with strict guidelines, which the company should steadily in his work since 1910 and today is one of the largest manufacturers of Italy.

The company's headquarters is located in Calco Pirovano and occupies more than 25,000 square meters, of which 11,000 are given under production. In the cellars of the winery can be stored up to 3 million. Liters of wine in stainless steel tanks. Wine is kept at low temperatures. Then it was with great care to prepare the filling phase, but primarily by sterile microfiltration that preserves the natural flavor and aromatic properties. Bottling is done with the help of high-tech devices that protects the wine from the environment. Daily Pirovano pours more than 120 000 liters of product.


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