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Wine Pieropan, Soave Classico DOC, 2014

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Tasting Notes


The wine is sparkling straw-yellow color with a greenish tint.


Taste wine deep, with a fruity, with excellent balance and a good level of acidity, thereby giving the drink a long aftertaste.


Aromatic bouquet of wine is very delicate, has tones of almond and marzipan.


This wine - a fine aperitif, especially when served with simple tartlets. Also, the wine goes well with soups, appetizers, beans, seafood, river fish and vegetable dishes.

Interesting Facts

Wine Pieropan, Soave Classico, 2013 is made ​​from fruit harvested from vineyards in the Soave Classico area. Soil terroir - volcanic basalt with an admixture of clay. The volume of the crop deliberately kept low, in the care of the vine no pesticides or chemicals. Harvested by hand in several approaches, and then clusters are pressed, the juice is separated from the grape skin. Next is the slow fermentation in concrete tanks under strict temperature control. Aging wine takes place in stainless steel tanks. Before selling the wine is aged in bottles for a month.

In Northern Italy, halfway between Venice and Milan is an ancient town of Soave. In the center of town is a house built Pullitsi family in the middle of the XV century. It is here and started a success story wine house Pieropan. Country Doctor Leonildo Peropan, fond of wine, in 1890, bought the estate Pullitsi. It was built in the basement of the mansion winery, bought the best surrounding vineyards and began production of white wine. Thanks to its deep knowledge of chemistry and biology and scrupulous attitude, winery Peropan quickly take its rightful place among the producers of the region. Later the family business operated sons Leonildo - Fausto and Gustavo. They were the first to place the label "Soave" on wine label.

However, the real success came to the winery in 1970, when it took over the founder's grandson - Leonildo (Ninё) Peropan. Ninё had a true vocation to winemaking, later earning the nickname "noble soul of this appellasona." The first thing he replaced vineyards lying in the lowlands of the vineyards located on the slopes of the hills (Calvarino, Pigno, Becco, Boiolo-La Rocca and Tondo). Also, he was to breed rare species of local Garganega grapes, which, despite its excellent performance, not popular because of the low yields. Ninё was also one of the first in the region, who began to use the practice of organic farming in the care of the vine. At the end of transformation was completely rebuilt the winery, set-the-art equipment.

Needless to say that such an unconventional approach to the case at first skeptical smile caused local winemakers, however, soon began to methods Ninё example. Thanks to the efforts Ninё Peropana, product quality family winery has grown significantly, and the family wine house Peropan took a leading position in the region. Enthusiasm Ninё Peropana divides his entire family. His wife Teresita - general manager of marketing and sons Dario and Andrea - qualified enologist - take more and more part in the family business. In particular, they were the initiators of the production of red wine.
Ninё Peropan believes that the guarantee of the high quality of its products - is the attention to detail throughout the entire process of wine-making, "from the moment when you take in hand pruners and prior to sealing the bottle." The result of this philosophy is its perfect winery, carefully cultivated vineyards and wines.


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