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Wine Pavillon Blanc Du Chateau Margaux Bordeaux AOC 2001

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Tasting Notes


Light golden color with a slight greenish tint.


Pavillon Blanc 2001 has a good balance, smooth texture and gentle flavor, which replaced the notes of pineapple and gooseberry come tones of green apple, candied fruit and oak. Juicy, refreshing aftertaste makes us forget about the record for this wine fortress.


Slightly musky fragrance reveals floral notes, to which are added shades of honey, citrus fruits, candied fruit and cool shades of minerals.


Pavillon Blanc du Château Margaux is perfect as an aperitif, but also perfectly complement the gourmet French cuisine: Burgundy snails, oysters in champagne, lobster oranges, grilled trout stuffed with quail and other poultry dishes, noble fish seafood and shellfish. As snacks are ideal soft cheeses from goat and sheep milk. Wine is best served at a temperature of 10-12C, because at higher temperatures finesse loses flavor and alcohol not only clogs the delicate nuances, but also fruity notes in the bouquet of wine. When the temperature is too low, the flavors can not be fully open manner, and the taste seems dimmer and shorter.

Interesting Facts

History of Chateau Margaux goes back to the 12th century, although the building that can be seen today on the label Pavillon Rouge du Chateau Margaux, was built only in the 19th century. Going from one owner to another noble, estate began to take shape today only in the late 16th century, when it acquired the family Lestonnak. It was under Pierre de Lestonnake from 1572 to 1582 in most of the land instead of Chateau crops were planted vineyards. Special attention should also figure Berlona manager, who in the early 18th century insisted that the white and red grape varieties were planted and vinified separately, and the harvest was carried out in the afternoon, when the dew dries. He also paid great attention to the peculiarities of the terroir and knew him best sites. It was at the Chateau Berlone steel produced excellent wines that during a blind tasting of Bordeaux wines in 1855 were attributed to the upper class Premier Grand Cru Classe and scored 20 points out of 20 possible.
Today, Chateau Margaux among the top five producers of Bordeaux, a major role in this played its last owner - Andre Mentselopulos. It was during his 1977 to 1980, was restored manor itself, restructured vineyards, equipped with new underground cellars for wine storage, and most importantly - under the leadership of enologist Emile Peynaud was revived by the creation of a second Great wine Chateau Margaux - Pavillon Rouge and Pavillon Blanc, and last recipe was slightly adjusted.
Today, thanks to strict control over the quality of grapes and comply with all the intricacies of production, Pavillon Blanc is one of the best second grand cru Bordeaux. The wine is made from selected Sauvignon Blanc, collected from young vines from the age of 10 years or more. As fermentation and aging of wine made in the traditional way in new French oak barrels and covers a total of 1 year. As a result, the light is born a great Pavillon Blanc, which as they mature undergoes a series of metamorphoses: subtle and rich floral and fruity notes immediately after bottling, at the age of 1-2 years, this wine goes a little boring phase, which may last for several years. It seems that at this time the wine is looking for its identity. But after 7-8 years, it acquires elegance, softness and delicacy. But do not rush to drink it, because it will continue to improve over the years.

Pavillon Blanc 2001 - one of the most interesting vintages of Château Margaux in the past decade. Never before, except perhaps in 1999, this white wine did not reach this level of concentration, complexity and depth. Its bouquet can be described as floral, vibrant and fresh. A multi-layered, slightly sweet taste with a wide range of shades of citrus fruit maturity is different, wealth and good length. Easy same refreshing aftertaste, in turn, makes you forget about the record for this wine Fortress - 14.5%. "
Beautiful Pavillon Blanc 2001, you can fully enjoy now, although it will continue to evolve, pleasing new flavors and aroma until 2017.


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