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Liqueur Pacharan Baines, 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


Liquor beautiful red color.


Rounded, harmonious flavor liqueur sweet, fruity, with hints of anise, soft velvety texture.


Fragrance liquor intense, fruity, sweet.


Patxaran used sufficiently chilled as a digestif, with ice cream.

Interesting Facts

Patxaran - the old and very popular drink in Spain, known already in the XIII century. There is evidence that Patxaran served at the wedding Gonofre de Navarra - the illegitimate son of King Carlos III, and Queen Blanca I was treated pacharanom in the monastery of Santa Maria in Huelva in 1441.
Patxaran - liqueur, tincture on berries blackthorn with the addition of anise. His second name - Navarre Patxaran because this pacharanom considered only one that was created in Navarre. Patxaran was coined as a medical remedy for digestive disorders and even sold in pharmacies. Gradually, Patxaran became very popular. It has many medicinal properties. Blackthorn, a part of the liquor, contains vitamin C, it also reinforces the body properties, useful for the stomach, prevents atherosclerosis and heart attacks, acts as a sedative for the nervous system. Little shot of Patxaran adopted in the morning instead of coffee, tones and invigorates and perfectly removes hangover.

Baynes - known, prestigious company that produces high-quality beverages for over 150 years. It was founded in 1844 in the capital of Navarre - Pamplona - for the production of spirits and liqueurs. But since 1959 "calling card" Baynes became Patxaran anise and cherry liqueur - two traditional drink of Navarre land. By keeping the old traditions, the use of natural ingredients and the highest quality drinks, Baynes holds a leading position in the market.
Classic Patxaran from the company Baynes - the flagship of the winery, a natural product that podverzhdaet Diploma of the Government of Navarra. Club sommelier Navarre repeatedly for the last time - in 2010, awarded him the title of "Best Patxaran Navarre."


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