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Water "Old Pepper's Crew", PET, 0.6 L

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Tasting Notes


Drink a thick brown color with a ruby ​​tint.


The sweet taste of the beverage in common tones of cherry, cola and spicy tones of almonds.


The aroma of the beverage revealed a harmonious combination of cherry, caramel and almond notes.


The drink can be consumed throughout the day in the pure state and with ice. It is added to cocktails, served with desserts, confections and baked goods.

Interesting Facts

"Old Pepper's Crew" - silnogazirovanny flavored soft drink with a classical taste.

Russian drinks brand "Old Peppers Cru" first appeared in the country in December 2014 and immediately compete with similar imported products. Fragrant and tasty drinks give a positive and in a good mood, they are perfect for the romantic meetings and friendly parties.

Ingredients: water, sugar, phosphoric and citric acid, flavorings, caffeine (up to 116 mg / l), preservative, dyes including E129, which might adversely affect the attention of children and their activity.

"Old Pepper's Crew" - one of the most famous and beloved of soft drinks in the world. According to legend, it was created by a pharmacist from Chicago Cherrivanom William in memory of his deceased father Benjamin, who on the night of April 15, 1912 on board the infamous liner "Titanic".

Cherrivan Benjamin, who had the nickname "Old Pepper" was very active and who loved life. He conquered the mountain tops, participated in the motor race, sailing sailed the Atlantic and flew airplanes famous Wright brothers. Benjamin wanted to go on a world tour with his son, saying that together they team Old Pepper. Upon learning of the death of his father, William, who was then 20 years old, I fell into a depression. Young and promising pharmacist left his job in a drugstore John Carter and a few months did not go home. Aunt of William, who had a reputation as a clairvoyant, claimed that her brother had died as a result of generic curse.

His voluntary confinement William Cherrivan interrupted in November 1912. After a long break, he went to the pharmacy with original drink Carter, who gave the name "Old Pepper Team" (Old Pepper's Crew). Drink with bright cherry flavor, almond and caramel tones leaving a long aftertaste with notes of cherry pit.

Drink liked the pharmacy owner's daughter Audrey, is fed to the young man affection. John Carter, assessing the prospects of a new drink, took William's companions, and they founded the company together "Old Pepper's Drinks". The rumor of the beverage quickly spread and Old Pepper's Crew were soon sold in most pharmacies, bars and shops.

In 1913, William and Audrey were married. Company Things were going very well, and in 1915 she took part in the international fair held in New York. A little later to increase the production volume was purchased and remodeled an old factory. The drink became popular and expenses in the country in large quantities.

But disaster struck - in 1920, William ill with tuberculosis, he died, leaving the company at the helm of his pregnant wife and an aging test. A year later, grief-stricken family for peanuts sold the company to a native of Italy, Vincenzo Mangano. Details of the deal are not known for certain, but there is an edition that John Carter signed the documents for sale under the influence of drugs, which he spiked to Mangano people loved Old Pepper's Crew. Audrey also conceded its share in the company in favor of Vincenzo Mangano.

In 20-30 years due to money and connections of the new drink holder acquired extraordinary popularity, it can be found even in the Netherlands and the UK. During the Great Depression of the beverage issue fell sharply. In 1933, he disappeared from most of the bars and shops of the country, in addition to his native Illinois. Fans of Old Pepper's Crew went to Chicago, where the drink is bought whole cars.

In 1937, in order to attract new investments of the shares "Old Pepper's Drinks" was offered for sale on the New York Stock Exchange. This step made it possible to revive production, and after 3 years of drink again appeared on the market of the country and in neighboring Canada.

In 1941, to work in a company salesman got a young man named Benjamin Cherrivan. He liked to drink and was diligent in their work. He soon noticed Assistant Mangano Gordon MakFarell and made his advisor. Later it turned out that Benjamin is a direct heir of the founders of the company, and his name was in honor of the legendary grandfather, like his father, William wanted.

Aged MakFarell in 1947 gave Benjamin his stake and the management of the company. In subsequent years, the beverage is increasingly gaining popularity. In 1965, at the Old Pepper's Crew got its own, and now current slogan: "From past to future" (from the past to the future).

In 1971, Benjamin tragically killed, torn in his car in the gorge at Mount Diablo in California. His 96-year-old Aunt Sarah Cherrivan then said that the circle is closed, and the family curse of the family is no longer valid. Benjamin remained small son Nicholas and 17-year-old daughter, Jennifer, who in 1984 became president of the company. Under her leadership, finally formed Old Pepper's Crew logo and expanded its product range. At the sale there were drinks with a rich cherry flavor, vanilla, ginger, chocolate and cognac. line of low-calorie drinks was launched specifically for athletes.

In 2014, Old Pepper's Drinks opened an office in Russia. The rights to the brand in the Russian Federation belong to the company "Express-Trading" from St. Petersburg.

Producer's description

OOO "Aqua-Crystal" - a company specializing in mineral water and soft drinks issue. The company is located in the north-east of the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria in a green area between the river Shalusha and Nalchik. The range of products is represented by drinking artesian water marks "Ice Mountain", "Negotiation" and "Malka" drinking mineral water "Hero of Our Time", as well as non-alcoholic carbonated beverages "Old Pepper's Crew", and premium lemonades.

Poured "Aqua Crystal" artesian water is produced on the premises of the well depth of 230 meters. The plant installed a unique filtration system that fully preserving the natural composition of the water, cleans it of impurities and suspensions. Using the automatic filling system ensures the cleanliness of the process. The company supplies products to many regions of Russia and the countries of Central Asia, where the consumer has appreciated the real, natural taste of water, dating back to thousands of years of the glaciers of Mount Elbrus.

In 2013, OOO "Aqua-crystal" became the laureate of the contest "100 best goods of Russia", two years later, the company represented the Kabardino-Balkaria in Moscow on the prestigious exhibition "Prodexpo-2015".


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