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Beer Nogne O, "Two Captains", 0.5 L

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Tasting Notes


Beer hazy amber.


Rich, smooth, creamy, layered taste of beer is filled with rich hoppy bitterness, sweet malty sweetness runs in the background. The aftertaste is bitter, with nuances of citrus, pine and herbs.


The lush, intense flavor of beer is fragrant fruit notes that complement the hues of caramel, hops, spices and honey.


Beer goes well with appetizers, white roasted meat, spicy dishes.

Interesting Facts

"Two Captains" - a rich bitter ale, which won the bronze medal in "The Australian International Beer Awards" in 2011. El was established at the brewery Nogne About master Jan Halvor Feld, won the Norwegian championship on home brewing in 2010. The ale recipe - only natural ingredients: barley, hops and water from Grimstad. Beer has a dry profile with dominant tones of hops (100 points on a scale IBU), which are symmetrical complex fruity malt, especially noticeable in the flavor of beer.

Producer's description

Founded in 2002, today the brewery Nøgne Ø is the leading beer producer in Norway. The name of the brewery is translated as "naked island". This poetic term was coined to describe Henrik Ibsen countless barren rocky islets, which are visible in the sea off the southern coast of Norway. According to the manufacturer, this term best describes the situation when in 2002, two Norwegian brewer Gunnar Wiig and Kjetil Jikiun decided to establish a new brewery. They wanted to share their passion for good beer, their goal was to bring diversity and innovation in commercial brewing. The result was a brewery Nøgne Ø - "uncompromising brewery", which is the mission statement of the manufacturers, which consists in the creation of top quality ale with a bright personality and individuality.
In the production of ale brewers About Nogne use only high-quality ingredients from around the world (especially from the UK malt and hops from the USA). All About Eli Nogne - unfiltered and unpasteurized. The brewery produces a wide range of crafting beer and is the first and only plant in Europe to produce its sake.


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