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Tasting Notes


Wine of bright ruby ​​color of average concentration.


Elegant, full, well-balanced flavor is filled with soft, silky tannins, lively acidity, notes of ripe fruit, spices and expressive mineral finish. Long aftertaste with a refreshing mineral nuances.


In fresh and expressive aroma of wine is dominated by bright notes of wild berries, harmoniously complemented by hints of spicy spices and tea leaves.


The wine goes well with white meat, chicken, vegetables, pasta and vegetarian dishes.

Interesting Facts

Red wine with an interesting name "Drink Me", which translated means "Drink me", was created specifically for a pleasant, easy drinking and does not contain a particular complexity, great depth and minerality characteristic of wines of the Douro. Wine is made from grapes Turiga Nacional, Turiga Frank, Tinta Roriz, Tinta Amarela, Tinta Cao. Thanks to this blend, it features an incredible fruitiness and freshness. A blend of this wine is rather complicated, but the exact proportions of grapes used in its creation, known only to the manufacturer. To this day, Portugal remains the country with deep-rooted centuries old tradition of winemaking, when the final blend can be represented by countless local varieties of grapes. Although the wine industry for several decades in a row under strict government control, yet traditionally have a strong influence on the winemaking region.

Beautiful vineyards in the Douro valley with a total area of ​​30 hectares were acquired Niport in 1988. Here there are mostly old vines, to create "Drink of" used with the yield of 10-40 year old vines. The vineyards are divided into the hillsides at an altitude of 100-400 meters above sea level, planting density of 4000 vines per hectare. Soils are mainly shale, interspersed with granite. Company Niepoort completely eliminate the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which not only degrade the quality of the wines, but also adversely affect the ecology of vineyards.
The harvest in 2013 started earlier than in previous years, namely on 19 August. Grapes grow on a hill and ripens unevenly, so the collection is carried out in several stages during August and September. The grapes were harvested at optimum ripeness, and the main goal was to maintain a high level of acidity in the grapes. This solution has benefited more because since September 27, heavy rains began, and by the time the entire crop was harvested. Season turned out to be quite productive, berries collected an average of 25% more than the previous year. Fermentation was carried out with maceration for 8-15 days in stainless steel tanks. Then 20% of the wine was aged in French oak barrels and the rest - in steel tanks for 12 months.

Niepoort winery was founded in 1842 Niport family - originally from the Netherlands. Now the company is headed by Dirk Niport - the fifth generation of the family, enjoys strong reputation among winemakers. Thanks to the coordinated teamwork, hard work and professionalism of the company under his leadership has made great strides.
In 2007, the company has completed the construction of the winery on a hillside next to the old building. The main challenge for the architect to find a clever way to integrate a huge building in the beautiful landscape. The site is located on a hilltop, overlooking the river and valley. Therefore, the first thought was to make the building visible. To enter the plant in the landscape, the main part of the building is located underground, and exterior walls covered with natural stone (shale), which is a traditional material for the walls of the terraces. The concept of the plant is very minimalist: a minimum of materials, a minimum of parts. Walls, floors and ceilings of buildings constructed of architectural concrete and metal parts are made of steel. All floors are connected by an elevator. In order to save resources, the company tends to reduce energy consumption, which becomes necessary because the temperature in the storage compartments should be maintained at 15 ° C throughout the year. From the tasting room overlooks a large patio and terrace - the river.
Family tradition, enthusiasm, commitment and innovative ideas of the company Niport unconditionally complement each other, providing a healthy balance between the centuries-old tradition and innovation.


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