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Water "Narzan", Glass "Elita", 0.33 L

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Tasting Notes


The water is clean, transparent color.


Water has a pleasant, fresh, soft, full-bodied taste.


Aroma water thin, refreshing, with delicate mineral nuances.


Water is suitable for drinking throughout the day as an independent beverage, in cocktails. Has healing and restorative properties.

Interesting Facts

"Narzan" - the famous medicinal-table natural mineral drinking water natural aeration for Class sulfate-magnesium-calcium bicarbonate waters. Being born in the foothills of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range on Elbrus, the water goes through a complicated, long way in the valley, breaking through layers of sand, granite, dolomite, thereby purifying naturally and full of carbon dioxide. Then, water collects in underground lakes and comes to the surface sources amazing healing power.

As part of the water "Narzan" contains 20 minerals and trace elements that at a relatively low total mineralization is very rare phenomenon. "Narzan" provides much needed calcium for the human body (in a liter of "Narzan" it as much as two glasses of milk) and magnesium have a calming effect on the nervous system, improves memory, strengthens muscles, including the heart. Water is poured into a unique technology directly from wells located at an altitude of 1079 meters, without contact with the atmosphere.

There is no man in Russia, who would not know about the healing properties of water "Narzan". Sources are Narzan in Kislovodsk, in the foothills of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range. Locals from generation to generation the ancient legend of their ancestors on the healing power of water "Nart Sano" - "hero-water" that heal soldiers and strengthened their power, healed the terminally ill.

Industrial production and bottling water "Narzan" became possible only in 1894, after it was built an extensive network of railway linking the Caucasus to the center of Russia. Already by 1900, release of water was 1.1 million. Bottles per year. Built in the same year, a special building for bottling water and the development of carbon dioxide from Narzan Kislovodsk plant has been called "canning". In 1922, the Trust was created "Kavminrozliv", which, led by "filling", entered Essentuki, Zheleznovodsk and Minvodsky plants. In 1938, for the production of "Narzan" built a new factory building, which has been traced from the source mineraloprovod. In February 1992, all mineral water plant are separate legal entities.

Following the spirit of the times, from 1994 mineral water "Narzan" is bottled in plastic bottles, and since 1998 evrobutylki glass bottles are replaced by the original "Elite". Carried out important work on the development of hydro resources. So, in 2001, Berezovsky plot Kislovodsk field were built new wells, filling station, laid mineraloprovod. Create a service manual own hydro resources, whose main objective is to ensure careful and rational relationship to the natural values.

Today, a modern, highly efficient enterprise of "Narzan" continues to not only provide the population with healing "Narzan", but also expands the boundaries of production by developing new lines of beverages ("spritzer", "Ice Pearl") on the basis of mineral water.


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