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Tasting Notes


Wine of bright straw color.


For Minini, Frascati DOC, 2011 characterized by a dry taste with a velvety texture, soft tannins and a pleasant aftertaste.


The aroma of wine is elegant and harmonious combination of fruity shades.


Wine is served with white meat, salads, accompanies fish dishes.

Interesting Facts

Frascati DOC wine from the company Minini created from three grape varieties - Malvasia di Candia, Malvasia del Lazio, Trebbiano, grown in vineyards, which are located near the hills surrounding Rome, Grottaferrata, Frascati and Monteporzio Cato. Variety Trebbiano - autochthonous Italian variety, also called Ugni Blanc, the first records of which were made in the first decade of the XIV century. Today, a variety with a huge number of subspecies is cultivated in Italy, France, as well as in many countries with wet and warm climatic conditions. Sort Malvasia - one of the oldest ever existed grape varieties, named after the ancient Greek port city of Monemvasia. To create this wine were used two versions of this class. Malvasia di Candia homeland is considered to be Italy, although to date no grade less popular in France and Spain.

The history of the winery Franchesco Minini closely intertwined with the history of the family. Dates from the beginning of its post-war years of the First World War. Francesco Minin, at that time, a young farmer who returned to their fields in the early 1920s, was elated dream - to create a winery. And so, with little or nothing behind but a huge patience and desire, he was able to put it into practice. Today Minin is quite well-known figure in the Italian wine industry.


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