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Wine Michel Schneider, Gluhwein, 1 L

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Tasting Notes


Color mulled wine - deep red-burgundy.


Mulled wine has a pleasant, harmonious taste and soft texture. The sound tempting sweet notes of added touches of bright citrus and spices, thereby decorating taste palette.


In spicy mulled wine, rich flavor with pronounced notes of cinnamon and cloves, as well as the nuances of orange and coriander.


Mulled wine is good as a standalone drink, so it is often served in a pure form as an aperitif or digestif. It is also combined with desserts, pastries, dried fruits and cheeses.

Interesting Facts

Gluhwein the brand Michel Schneider - a traditional German mulled wine, are based on natural wine from red grapes. Especially spicy flavor spices and give him the fruits that are added during manufacturing. This drink wine more often used as a means of warming that has made it popular among the residents of Northern Europe. The very name of the wine indicates its "intoxicating" purpose (in German "gluhwein" means "hot wine"). This mulled wine is ready to drink, and to fully appreciate its flavor and warming qualities, recommended drink heated to 40-60 ° C

Michel Schneider Company was founded in 1869. Michael Schneider immediately set out to the production of quality wines, the achievement of high standards and to this day is a core principle of the company. The skilful combination of tradition and innovation allows specialists to produce wines that are popular not only within Germany, but also worldwide. Thus, the company ranked first in exports of German wines in England, there goes 40% of produced wines.

The grapes for the production of its wines the company Michael Schneider is mainly grown in their own vineyards, and 20% of imports from various regions of Germany, for example from the area of the Palatinate, which formed the perfect climate and soil conditions for the cultivation of typical German grape varieties - Riesling, Dornfelder, Weissburgunder and from other countries. Today the company is a member of Zimmermann-Graeff and Muller.

Producer's description

A large German company Zimmermann-Graeff and Muller, Jacob Zimmermann founded in 1886 as Zimmermann-Graeff, for four generations remains a family business, which has expanded considerably over the years of its existence, including through the acquisition of other wineries. For example, in 1992 the company bought the winery Ewald Theodor Drathen in Moselle. In 1998, Zimmermann-Graeff merged with "Rudolf Muller" and was renamed the group Zimmermann-Graeff and Muller (ZGM). Also in these years, the company was acquired by Michel Schneider, founded in 1869 and for a long time to be one of the largest wineries in the Moselle region. In subsequent years, the company repurchased shares family Muller-Rundquist, and became the owner of a large wine cellar Weinbund (Mosel) and Lorch winery in Bad Bergzabern (Palatinate region).

Today ZGM collaborating around 1000 Vineyard and Rhineland-Palatinate. Delivered their grapes to the modern wineries equipped with the latest equipment, transformed into fine wines.

The group is currently ZGM with an annual turnover 143.5 million euros is a leader in terms of sales (56 million. Liters per year), representing its products in more than 35 countries around the world. In addition to wines from traditional wine-growing regions in Europe, the company sells wines from Chile, California, South Africa and Australia. John Hübinger - the current head of ZGM, argues that the product quality has been, and will always remain a priority for the company. "It is not enough to be just good - it is necessary to be the best," - says the company's philosophy Zimmermann-Graeff and Muller.


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