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Set "Mastro Binelli" Rosato, gift box with 2 glasses

$ 11
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Interesting Facts

Set includes 1 bottle of wine and two glasses
The volume of the bottle: 750 ml
Cardboard box
Color box: burgundy, beige

A series of "Mastro Binelli" includes sparkling wine with a light, delicate character and floral-fruity bouquet.
Italian pink sparkling wine "Mastro Binelli" Rosato is produced by traditional technology from Pinot Nero, which is grown in the Italian region of Piacenza. Delicate pink color and a nice fresh flavor of the wine will create a romantic mood light.

Cantine Quattro Valli - a company whose history dates back to the distant 1882, after meeting Perrini cooper and experienced wine maker Ferrari, which entailed their further cooperation. In 1980, the winery has been modernized, and two years later - to expand the area of ​​vineyards.
To date, "Cantine Quattro Valli" - a unique synthesis of innovation, experience and traditions. The company still recognizes only the hand-picking of grapes and wine aging in oak barrels. This winery is included in the official list of tourist destinations of Italy. Visitors can experience the full identity of the nearby villages, beautiful castles and picturesque taverns in which anyone can try fine wines from the traditional grape varieties of the region Kroatina and Malvasia, poured into glasses straight from the wood barrels.

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In our store you can buy wine set "Mastro Binelli" Rosato, gift box with 2 glasses, price "Mastro Binelli" Rosato, gift box with 2 glasses — $ 11. Producer wine set Cantine Quattro Valli. Delivery "Mastro Binelli" Rosato, gift box with 2 glasses.

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