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Tasting Notes


Vermouth light straw color.


"Martini" Bianco has an unusual taste, in which the astringency and bitterness combined with sweet notes. Bianco less bitter and more refined than Rosso. Drunk very easily.


Vermouth has a mild flavor with a slight tinge of spices and vanilla.


Vermouth Martini does not use during the meal. As a rule, the Martini drink before a meal or as an aperitif or after - in combination with fruit or nuts (especially peanuts salted). However, it is appraised as a drink "all day drinks", which can be drunk slowly, during a conversation or during household chores. In addition, the Martini - a perfect base for a variety of cocktails. It is drunk with ice or lemon, and soda, juice, lemonade or tonic.

Interesting Facts

"Martini" Bianco - the most popular vermouth from the entire line of "Martini". In general, it is preferred by girls. As a true vermouth, "Martini" Bianco is a life-giving drink, giving a relaxing and pleasant bliss. It improves mental state, increases appetite, improves digestion and strengthens the immune system. Produced "Martini" Bianco by processing high-quality white wines. Then add some spices and finally - vanilla, which is necessary to reduce the bitterness of the beverage. The exact recipe of "Martini" Bianco know only its producers in Turin, as well as relatives Alexandra Martini and Luigi Rossi, who is the creator of Martini & Rossi in 1863.

In its pure form, "Martini" drunk from wine glasses for whiskey and wine glasses famous triangular shape is used only for cocktails with "Martini".


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In our store you can buy wine "Martini" Bianco, gift box, price "Martini" Bianco, gift box — $ 6. Producer wine Bacardi Martini. Delivery "Martini" Bianco, gift box.

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