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Tasting Notes


Jerez dark amber.


Jerez has a dry, soft, well-balanced taste with a pleasant aftertaste.


Sherry aroma filled with notes of hazelnut and dried fruit.


Jerez is great as an aperitif, is well suited to accompany the first and meat dishes, as well as the game.

Interesting Facts

Jerez Marques del Real Tesoro "Oloroso", which in Spanish means "fragrant", created only by oxidation, without the development of yeast fungus "veil", which is added to the wine more brandy. Excerpt sherry occurs Solera system.

Bodegas Valdespino - the oldest manufacturer of sherry cellars which have existed for more than six centuries. At the end of the XIII century Spanish knight Alonso Valdespino received an award from the Spanish king 30 hectares of vineyards. Thus began the history of the first small family business and is now known worldwide. However, officially the founding year of the wineries in the form in which it has reached our days, it is considered in 1875. Valdespino today owns 400 hectares of vineyards, including vineyards Macharnudo, considered the best in Jerez. Typical calcareous soil vineyards - white and porous, they retain moisture, which is very valuable, as in Jerez rain comes less than 40 days a year.

Since 1999, the winery Valdespino located in Jerez, comes along with Bodegas Jose Estevez and Bodegas Marques del Real Tesoro, the Group Estevez. This association led to the introduction of new technology and control systems development while preserving the character of terroir and winemaking heritage. On Valdespino adhere to traditional production methods. Fermentation is still carried out in oak barrels of 500 liters, although in modern plants today use for fermentation in stainless steel tanks to 50,000 liters. In warehouses wineries preserved very old rare sherry, started in the XIX century.


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