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Wine Marques de Caceres, Gran Reserva, 2008

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Tasting Notes


The wine is a deep dark ruby ​​color with black and tile reflections.


The wine has a perfectly balanced and rich, vivid and fresh taste with excellent structure, velvety tannins and a long finish with notes of vanilla, cedar and earth.


Elegant and rich aroma of the wine reveals hints of raspberry, cherry, black currant and blackberry that are intertwined with nuances of spices and vanilla.


The wine goes well with meat, game, mature and blue cheeses.

Interesting Facts

Wine Marques de Caceres, Gran Reserva is made ​​only in the best harvest years. For the manufacture of wine is selected grape varieties Tempranillo, Garnacha and Graciano, grown in the vineyards of Rioja DOC. The wine is aged 26-28 months in new barrels made of French oak. Then the wine is bottled and left to mature for another 4 years in the cellars of the bodega.

Vintages of different years "Marques de Caceres, Gran Reserva" won a myriad of awards. Vintage 2004 was awarded a gold medal at the international competition "Concours International des Vins Monde Selection", held in Brussels in 2011.

Marques de Caceres Company - one of the best examples of the modern school of winemaking Rioja. A great friend of the owner of the winery, Enrique Forman, the Marquis de Caceres - a descendant of an ancient aristocratic family Vicente Noguera y Espinosa de los Monteros - gave its name to the sonorous Wine house. Family Foreman began to engage in winemaking in the first half of the XX century. During the Civil War, they emigrated to France, where Enrique Foreman learned the basics of winemaking. In the early 50s he acquired estates in Bordeaux Chateau Camensac and Chateau Larose Trintaudon, where Enrique brilliantly apply the acquired knowledge and began to produce quality wines. In the 60s Foreman returned to Spain and purchase the vineyards in Rioja Alta region. The winery start making wine in a traditional Bordeaux style. The second man, who has spearheaded the company Emile Peynaud - famous French oenologist, whose writings on wine making and tasting wine are considered classics. In 1992, his student, Michel Rolland, replaced Professor Peynaud and continued to translate his works in practice. At present, the processing capacity of grapes fully loaded: the winery was taken to harvest more than 2,000 hectares, accounting for 4% of the total yield of the vineyards of Rioja. In some years, the sales volume of 10 million bottles of wine. A significant part of the production is exported: wine company "Marques de Caceres" is available in 89 countries around the world.

The company is famous for its aromatic white wines, but the main source of pride Marques de Caceres red wines are characterized by a thin, moderately extractive flavor over the years in developing extraordinarily complex bouquet. Since the mid-90s bodega began producing a line of wines called "ALTA expression», which means "particularly expressive." These top wines produced in the most successful crop year, most vividly embody the motto of the Marques de Caceres: "Transcend us perfectly!". Wines of "Marques de Caceres" is often called "the most French of Spanish wines." A recent analysis of the wine market in Spain showed that "Marques de Caceres" - the most famous brand in the world of high-quality wines from Rioja.


In our store you can buy wine Marques de Caceres, Gran Reserva, 2008, price Marques de Caceres, Gran Reserva, 2008 — $ 61. Producer wine Marques de Caceres. Delivery Marques de Caceres, Gran Reserva, 2008.

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