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Wine Marco De Bartoli, Bukkuram, Passito di Pantelleria DOC, 2007, 250 ml

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Tasting Notes


The wine is dark yellow.


The wine is sweet, juicy, elegant, deep flavor with a silky texture, classic notes of nutmeg, accompanied by tones of orange blossom and long memorable aftertaste with nuances of dark chocolate.


The wine has an intense aroma with notes of candied orange peel soaked in brandy grapes, wet wood, vanilla pods, sea breeze, lots of fruit shades (figs, dates, apricots, citrus fruits, especially lime and orange peel), the nuances of hazelnut and walnut caramel and licorice, cloves and coffee.


Wine is used as a dessert or chocolate.

Interesting Facts

"Bukkuram" Passito di Pantelleria - classic Sicilian dessert wine created from grapes Zibibbo Bukkuram the farm owned by Marco De Bartoli. The Arabic term "bukkuram" means "father of the vineyard," the term Arabs represent Pantelleria as a favorite area for the cultivation of Zibibbo. Vineyards with Zibibbo owned by Marco De Bartoli, located on 5 acres of volcanic soil on the island of Pantelleria.
The first harvest (50%) to create a "Bukkuram" in 2007 was about the middle of August until the first week of September. Harvested grapes podvyalili at least four weeks in the sun, on special mats, enclosed by massive walls made of volcanic stone. The rest of the grapes ripen until October. During the fermentation of grapes both parts are connected, the process of maceration lasts approximately about three months until the balance between alcohol content and residual sugar is reached. Then the wine is aged 42 months in French barrels and 6 months in stainless steel vats. Sugar content - 140 g / l.

Producer's description

Marco de Bartoli economy makes the best wine special varieties. This is the famous Sicilian Marsala and nutmeg from the island of Pantelleria. First real Marsala appeared in 1770, when the English merchant John Woodhouse bought in Sicily large shipment of wine made under the "Solera" and add the alcohol for preservation. The result is a new, very fragrant fortified wine - Marsala. From the middle of the last century, the reputation of marsala greatly deteriorated. In fact, it was a cocktail of a mixture of wine, coffee and cream. Such "wine" called Marsala Speciale, and from 1969 to 1984, even had the status of DOC. But these rules have been revised, and the use of the name "Marsala" wines Speciale was forbidden. Under the new rules marsala must be attached only by the addition of alcohol to grape wine from overripe grapes late fee.

Marco de Bartoli after studying at the enologist in Marsala worked for five years at the company Pellegrino - a major producer of Marsala. After that, he worked for four more years in Mirabella, improving their knowledge. In 1978, Marco returned to the farm Baglio Samperi, owned by his family. Here he developed his method of production of Marsala, but wine does not fit the rules DOC. So he called him Vecchio Samperi, on behalf of the family farm Contrada Samperi. But the wine was sold as Marsala, though not very successfully. Then in 1985, Marco de Bartoli has created a new wine Vigna La Miccia. It was softer and more elegant version of marsala. Since 1987, the issued and traditional Marsala - Marsala Superiore Samperi Riserva. Another activity of Marco de Bartoli - wine production in the area on the island Bukkuram Pantalleriya. Here since ancient times cultivated grapes "zibibbo" ("Muscat of Alexandria"). From these grapes here are sweet wines and a unique white wine Pietranera.


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