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Wine Maculan, "Dindarello", 2014

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Tasting Notes


Wine of pale lemon yellow color.


The taste of wine is harmonious, full-bodied, balanced, fresh and lively, light acidity goes well with a pleasant sweetness. The finish is long and aromatic, with notes of candied fruit.


The aroma of wine expressive and intense shades disclosed candied orange peel and orange blossom, acacia honey shades and tones of lemon balm and lemongrass.


Wine is recommended to submit your own or as an accompaniment Italian pastries or desserts with fruit.

Interesting Facts

"Dindarello" - white sweet wine with classic notes of Muscat grapes in the aroma and sweet, fresh taste with bright citrus tones and great acidity.
Wine "Dindarello" made ​​from Muscat - tasty, sweet Italian grapes. Berries are harvested and podvyalivayut on bamboo racks for one month. After pressing, the fermentation is carried out in stainless steel vats. Kept bottled wine for 7 months.

Maculan - famous family winery, located today under the control of Fausto Maculan. For three generations, the family grew Makulan gorgeous grapes and produces the best wines in Breganze - charming village at the foot of the Alps in the Veneto region. High plains of Asiago create a natural protection, so here is dominated by a very mild climate, perfectly suitable for growing grapes and olives. In the XVI century the Venetian nobles preferred to spend their summers here, relaxing on a luxury villa.
Agriculture Makulan owns 15 hectares of vineyards in the commune of Breganze, rents here 24 hectares of vineyards class DOC, as well as collaborating with the owners of vineyards class DOC, occupying 50 hectares.

Fausto Maculan - tireless winemaker at 62, he is full of enthusiasm, new ideas and completely devoted himself to his favorite occupation. With 13 years working during the summer holidays at the winery, he found his calling in life. At age 14, his father sent him to school in oenology Kornelyano, from which he graduated with honors in 1970. Since 1975, Fausto manages the family business, justifying its motto: "Small winery produces great wines." In the most difficult period for viticulture in this part of Italy, Fausto took a courageous decision - to improve the quality of wines, giving this case all the energy and time. He attended the best wineries of the world to adopt the experience and never ceased to experiment to get the desired result to him. Fausto efforts have helped improve the image of the winery and its wines brought to the highest level of quality. Today, Fausto can offer a fine selection of high-quality white, red and delicious dessert wines.

Since 1985, Fausto Maculan for several years served as director of the Association of Italian Sommeliers courses. Fausto - recognized gourmet and taster - was honored to be a judge at wine competitions of national and international level. Knowing his great taste and excellent skills speaker, Makulan often invited to speak at events dedicated to wine and food, throughout Italy and abroad. In 1998 he was elected president of the commission to promote wines from Veneto. To date, Angela Makulan daughter Fausto, helps in the economy - welcomes guests, planning events, is responsible for public relations and travels around the world, representing wineries Makulan products on the world market.
Fausto Makulanu manages to combine tradition and modern technology in production, and its excellent wines consistently receive high marks from critics and enjoyed success in the best restaurants in the world.


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