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Sherry Lustau, "San Emilio" Pedro Ximenez Solera Reserva, 375 ml

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Tasting Notes


Jerez is the color of dark mahogany.


The wine has a very sweet, velvety, well-balanced mild flavor with an incredibly long finish.


Fragrant bouquet of wine exudes notes of ripe fruit, dried figs and roasted coffee beans.


The wine will be combined perfectly with vanilla ice cream, dark chocolate and blue cheese. Is also an excellent digestif.

Interesting Facts

For the production of sweet sherry "San Emilio" podvyalivayut grapes in the sun for a few days. The fermentation process is stopped at the right time to maintain the natural sweetness of grapes. After that, the wine is attached and kept in American oak barrels for the traditional system of "solera and kriadera." The system is a structure of barrels stacked (about 7 tiers), so that in the upper flanks were the youngest wines and aged below. Jerez take only of the lower barrel, which is called "solera", and in the bottling is only 1/3 of the contents of the barrel. Upstream of barrels (kriadera) wine is poured into barrels bottom row, thereby obtaining sherry same composition at the output.
Over the last three years (2010-2013) sherry "San Emilio" received 3 bronze, four silver and one gold medal at the international wine competitions. In 2010, "San Emilio" was awarded a special gold medal "Great Gold" at the competition "Mondial" in Brussels.

Lustau winery founded in 1896 by Don Jose Ruiz and Bordeho Veyan. At first it was a modest enterprise producing sherry, located in the vicinity of the town of Jerez de la Frontera, to give their wines for the implementation of a trading company. Since 1950, under the control of Emilio Lyustau, son of Don Jose already proliferating and became strong economy begins to sell their own wine, not only in Spain but also abroad. By 1980 the enterprise carried on by Rafael Bala Lyustau, became one of the leading manufacturers of Spanish sherry. In 1988 the company introduced a new design Lyustau bottles, and since that time elegant dark bottle with sloping "shoulders" of the company became the exclusive distinction from other manufacturers sherry. In 1990, the company was headed by Don Luis Caballero, and in 2001 Lustau changed location, moving from Santiago to Calais Arcos, which has modernized the cellars of the XIX century.

Today ownership Lyustau consist of two vineyards in the region of Jerez. They are located in the hills rich in chalk soils, referred to herein as "albariza". Vineyard Vina Montegilillo located in the north zone of Jerez Superior in Carrascal, the soil is ideal for growing the variety Palomino. It is because of the harvest from this vineyard produces dry wine Manzanillo, Fino, Amontillado and Oloroso. Near the coast, between Sanlucar and Chipiona, is a vineyard Las Cruces. On its sandy soils grow varieties Pedro Ximenez and Moscatel, intended for the production of sweet wines.
The company currently holds the leading position in the market and offers consumers a wide range of products of high quality. Wine company can be found in the best restaurants on the 5 continents. Lyustau received numerous awards at numerous international wine competitions, including the "International Wine Challenge" in London and "Concours Mondial" in Brussels.


  • Color depth: dark
  • Body/Saturation: full-bodied
  • Serving temperature: 13ºC
  • Website:
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