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Sherry Lustau, Oloroso "Emperatriz Eugenia", 0.5 L

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Tasting Notes


Wine rich golden-amber color with a hint of khaki.


Delightful rare wine has a smooth, warming flavor with rich tones of fruits, prunes, chocolate and toasted oak. Sherry leaves a pleasant, clean and fresh finish.


In the small, exquisite bouquet united flavors of raisins, nougat, dark chocolate and nuts.


This sherry is ideal as an aperitif. It is also served with red meat, poultry, ham, prosciutto, ham, cheese with an intense aroma or as a digestif paired with nuts.

Interesting Facts

Empress Eugenie (nee Countess Montijo) was born May 5, 1826 in Granada, Spain. She was the wife of the last emperor of France, Napoleon III. Famous for its beauty, refined taste and was considered a trendsetter not only in France, but throughout Europe.

Palomino Fino grapes used to produce the amazing rare wine Oloroso Emperatriz Eugenia grown on sand, clay and limestone soils of the province of Jerez, which is located in the south of Andalusia. The designation "oloroso", translated from Spanish as "aromatic" indicates that wine maturing in contact with the air and without yeast fungus, forming a film on the surface of the beverage. To prevent its development in the fermented wort is added so many brands to the alcohol content is at least 17%. In the production of the wine is aged by the method kriadera and Solera in barrels made of American oak wood. According to this technology barrels stacked on top of each other in rows in the form of a pyramid. At the bottom there is the vintage wine, and at the top - the youngest. Of the lower rows of barrels (Solera) is usually selected third contents, and then subordinate barrels filled with wine from the tanks located above (kriadera). Thanks to this method of manufacture is updated mature wine and enrichment of the young and ready sherry has a rich color, delicate aroma and noble taste, which can persist for years without change.

Additional awards:
- International Wine & Spirit Competition, 2009 - Silver Medal (best in class);
- International Wine Challenge, 2011 - gold medal;
- International Wine & Spirit Competition, 2011 - Gold Medal (best in class);
- Decanter World Wine Awards, 2011 - bronze medal;
- International Wine Challenge, 2012 - gold medal;
- International Wine & Spirit Competition, 2012 - silver medal;
- Decanter World Wine Awards, 2012 - bronze medal;
- International Wine Challenge, 2013 - silver medal.

The current winery Emilio Lustau founded in 1896 by Don Jose Ruiz and Bordeho Veyan. At first it was a modest enterprise producing sherry, located in the vicinity of the town of Jerez de la Frontera, to give their wines for the implementation of a trading company. Since 1950, under the control of Emilio Lustau, son of Don Jose already proliferating and became strong economy begins to sell their own wine, not only in Spain but also abroad. By 1980 the enterprise carried on by Rafael Bala Lustau, became one of the leading manufacturers of Spanish sherry. In 1990, the company was headed by Don Luis Caballero, and in 2001, Emilio Lustau changed location, moving from Santiago to Calais Arcos, where owns modernized 19th-century cellars. The company currently holds the leading position in the market winemakers and offers consumers a wide range of high quality products.


  • Color depth: moderate
  • Body/Saturation: full-bodied
  • Serving temperature: 15°C
  • Website:
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