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Tasting Notes


In whiskey pale golden color.


The taste of whiskey rounded, delicate, with pleasant hints of malt, apples, nuts and needles. The finish is long, with notes of apricot and anise.


The aroma of whiskey bright, full-bodied, with hints of apple, sweet caramel, banana and vanilla.


Whiskey can be submitted to the coffee, cigars, use both in pure form or with ice.

Interesting Facts

"Linkwood" 12 Years Old - stunning twelve-malt whiskey. It was created through a series of "Flora & Fauna", the release of which was completed in 2008. Whiskey matured in oak barrels and was bottled without filtration cold.

The first factory was built Linkvud in 1821 by Peter Brown in Elgin near sources of Millbuies Loch. It was one of the first legal whiskey production plants. Fifty years later a son, Peter, William, who inherited the factory, demolished the old building and in 1874 built in its place a new, existing up to now. Brown family owned factory until 1897, and the surviving evidence, produced whiskey of the highest quality. At the beginning of the XX century Linkvud repeatedly changed hands, in 1933 it was bought by SMD (Scottish Malt Distillers), which is now known as the group Diageo. In 1962 the plant was modernized, and in 1971 next to it built a new factory, which differs from the old advanced technical features. Both units operate to this day, producing 2.24 million liters of whiskey a year. Expert whiskey Michael Jackson argues that the spirits of the old plant is slightly heavier than the new alcohols. Most of the whiskey produced is used to create blends, in particular - for Johnnie Walker and White Horse. But, since 2008, Diageo has adjusted release of single malt whiskey under the brand name "Linkvud."

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In our store you can buy whisky "Linkwood" 12 Years Old, 0.7 L, price "Linkwood" 12 Years Old, 0.7 L — $ 77. Producer whisky Diageo. Delivery "Linkwood" 12 Years Old, 0.7 L.

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