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Lheraud, Cognac 1969 Grande Champagne, 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


Cognac has a very beautiful rich amber color.


Cognac with a rich flavor with a soft, pronounced tannic notes, hints of dried fruits and wood, with a long aftertaste.


Cognac with a wonderful aroma, harmoniously combines a wide variety of shades of dried fruit and subtle nuances of spice.


Is an excellent aperitif, digestif, goes well with coffee, cigar, a slice of lemon.

Interesting Facts

The motto of the cognac house Guy L'Heureux: "To make a good Cognac, it must be love!".


1969 Lheraud Cognac Grande Champagne (L'Heureux 1969 Cognac Grande Champagne) - this cognac was made ​​in 1969 of the best spirits Grand Champagne, it has a well-balanced taste, excellent flavor, rich variety of colors and unusually beautiful color. A great gift for any celebration of one of the finest cognac houses! Interesting as a birthday gift with the same date of birth.


The history of cognac house L'Heureux (Lheraud) begins with 1680, with Alexander L'Heureux, who began winemaking in the village Lada, in the Charente.
Currently, the estate owns 125 acres of vineyards in the Petit Champagne, the house is owned Guy L'Heureux. Master of his craft, he first offered to the public their vintages - brandy, distilled a given year, and now his house, one of the few officially certified offers vintages. Each stage of production, from the moment of distillation, filling barrels and bottling - is under close control.
Vintages are made from selected grapes, mostly Ugni Blanc varieties. Millezimnye cognac house L'Heureux completely natural - without any flavoring and aromatic additives. Each millesime different term aging in oak barrels and the alcoholic strength. All vintages House L'Heureux bottled, stylized antique, their shape resembles a vintage, 19th century, bottles handmade glass blowers. Bottles made of black glass, wooden boxes, from trees growing in the Charente. Wife of Monsieur L'Heureux personally thinks the design of the products.
House Lheraud - the official supplier of brandy to the House of Lords in London and the Imperial House of Japan. These exclusive cognacs are presented in the most famous restaurants in the world: «La Tour d'Argent» (Tokyo), «Richemond» (Geneva), «Dalloyau» (Paris), as well as Dallmayr (Munich) - the largest of the world's most expensive gourmet stores and places of worship for lovers of exclusive products - shopping center "Harrods" in London.
As acknowledged by Alexander Massena - Managing cognac house Lheraud (Lero), cognac houses prefer the former French President Jacques Chirac and Prime Minister Raffarin of France, Prince Albert of Monaco and many other famous people.
About 10 years ago, and the Russians have the opportunity to try the excellent products cognac house L'Heureux. Give yourself and your familiarity with the legendary elite cognac houses!


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