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Wine Les Arums De Lagrange 2007

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Tasting Notes


Straw color with a greenish tint.


Les Arum de Lagrange 2007 has a good balance and light, refreshing taste, which is dominated by shades of tropical fruits, complemented by hints of roasted almonds and honey.


Elegant fragrance opens with fresh notes of citrus fruit, to which are added notes of blackcurrant and vanilla.


Les Arum de Lagrange perfectly complement the dishes of white meat, shellfish and grilled fish, risotto with seafood, oysters and soft cheeses.

Interesting Facts

Les Arum de Lagrange - delicious wine, which is made from three grape varieties - Sauvignon, Semillon and Muskadel. Vinification and aging of wine produced in French oak barrels, so that the taste of wine gets amazing shades of roasted almonds, shielding fresh notes of tropical fruits.

Chateau Lagrange (Chateau La Grange) was known in the Middle Ages as the Nobles House Lagrange Monteith. Entries subsequent owners go back to 1631. In 1824 the total volume of production was 120 barrels (12,000 boxes). Former interior minister under King Louis-Philippe, Count Dyushatel, left his mark on the history and economy of the region Medoc, introducing in 1842 the drainage system in the vineyard. Graf also increased the amount of the annual production of 300 barrels. This was the golden age of Lagrange, and with the creation of the famous classification in 1855. The winery was awarded the title 3-eme Grand Cru Classe.
In the early 20th century there were few highlights that causes economic situation deteriorated. Despite some changes in the structure of ownership of the estate, the harvest was becoming less and harvested grapes are not of good quality. Due to the decline in the business of the estate was reduced from 280 hectares in 1840 to 157 hectares in 1983, when the Japanese group Suntory bought it from Sendoyya family, who owned the estate since 1925. Familiar with the world of wine and drinks, the leader in Japan, the company Suntory led by President Keizo Saji and Vice President Shin Torii has made a significant contribution to the restoration and improvement of the economy.
Marcel Ducasse, who began his work on the estate, to make every effort to complete the full recovery of the economy, which lasted until May 2007. So, after more than 20 years of successful operation, Chateau Lagrange economy is in great shape and is known worldwide for producing high quality wines. Technical Director of the estate is a talented oenologist Bruno Einar. Vines planted in 1985 is now in the prime of life, which makes it possible to choose the best grapes. Chateau Lagrange potential remains huge and noticeable progress from year to year.
The farm is located in the west appellasona St. Julien, in the heart of the Medoc vineyards. The estate has an area of ​​157 hectares, of which 115 ha of vineyards. Here are cultivated varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit Verdot, and white varieties - Sauvignon, Semillon, Muscadelle (4 hectares).
Today it is issued three wines: red wine Château Lagrange appellasona St. Julien is made from old vines (about 35 years), another red wine - Les Fiefs De Lagrange made with younger vines. And the third - a white wine appellasona Bordeaux Les Arums De Lagrange.


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