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Tasting Notes


Wine delicate golden straw color.


The wine has a perfectly balanced mild flavor with a good body, excellent acidity and a long aftertaste captivating.


The wine has a wonderful aroma with hints of beautiful flowers and citrus fruits.


Great wine as an aperitif, goes well with fish in sauce, white meat. Recommended to be served cool but not frozen.

Interesting Facts

Wine "Pinot Gris" from the company Leon Beyer made ​​from Pinot Gris, which grows on clay-limestone soil of vineyards "Eguisheim" in Alsace. Leon Beyer is known for producing classic dry wines of Alsace - fresh and fruity, the body and the density of which reflect the type of grape, the soil and the location of vineyards.

Rich, rich, lush and rounded wine "Pinot Gris" has a well-balanced acidity, long finish and complex aroma with wild and slightly smoky notes. Vinification is carried out by traditional method, which resulted in completely fermented dry wine is aged up to 6 years. In 2009 it was produced 63,000 bottles of fine wine with its own unique character.

Beginning in 2007, three years in a row is of excellent harvest - perfectly healthy, the full-berry fruit with a perfect character. The climatic conditions of 2009 can be summarized as follows: despite the fact that due to the strong winter cold grape buds on the vine blossomed late flowering occurred earlier than usual - at the beginning of June, due to the rapid temperature rise in April and May, and passed, generally good. Flowering lasted about two weeks, July was quite wet, but very hot and sunny weather in August provided ideal conditions for ripening grapes as "excellent". Date of commencement of the harvest in 2009 - 14 September. September days were very warm, but at night it was much cooler, especially towards the end of the month, but the grapes had reached optimum maturity, while maintaining the basic flavor. Most manufacturers have recognized that such a high-quality crop rarely seen before!

Beyer Family produces wines from 1580, the region Eguisheim - the cradle of the Alsatian wine when Emile Beyer founded the "House of Alsace wines" (Maison de Vin d'Alsace), later renamed "Leon Beyer" (Leon Beyer). Today the company operates a representative of the 13th generation of the family - Mark Beyer. Beyer company pays great attention to product quality. In the production of wines using grapes grown on their own sites, as well as grapes purchased from neighboring farms.

The range of wines Leon Beyer offers the diversity of Alsatian wines: it presents traditional Alsatian varieties, ranging from Pinot Blanc and Sylvaner to the prestigious Riesling, Gewurztraminer and Pinot Gris. Juicy sweet dessert or elegant dry wines - is the result of a skilful combination of modern production technologies and proven wine traditions. Hugh Johnson - the famous English wine critic - speak positively about the wines Leon Beyer: "Most of the wines of the company - courageous, powerful, compact, solid and dry and, I think, perfectly embodying traditional Alsatian style."

Leon Beyer wines - a perfect example of "gastronomic" wines. About 75% of the company's high-quality fine wines are exported. Leon Beyer wines can be found in the wine lists of the best restaurants in the world and the finest tables. In "The World Wine Encyclopedia Sotheby" (Sotheby's World Wine Encyclopedia) says: "Great house Leon Beyer is known for its very dry wines made ​​not to win a medal, but in order to perfect accompaniment to your meal."


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