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Wine Lenz Moser, "Prestige" Beerenauslese, 375 ml

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Tasting Notes


The wine is a brilliant golden yellow color.


The perfect balance of acidity and sweetness is felt in every new wave layered taste of wine. The first to come notes of raisins and minerals, are replaced by tones of candied fruits and wild berries, candied melon, pineapple and pear. Care should be shades of dried apples, figs, dates and honey. Sweet, soft, dense finish decorated with nuances of almond, clove and orange peel.


Rich, lavish shades of apricot jam, sweet pears, yellow plums, quince, ripe grapes are interwoven with subtle notes of honey, candied fruit and nuances of candied exotic fruit.


Wine is served with desserts and cheese with mold.

Interesting Facts

The wines that make up the line "Prestige" - a flagship position Lenz Moser winery, showing how high quality can be achieved using harvests from the best vineyards of Austria. Character wines range reflects the individuality and originality of this land. Each variety, possessing unique features, fulfills its role in achieving the same goal - to popularize Austrian wines on the world market.

"Prestige" Beerenauslese - sweet white wine made ​​from late harvested grapes. Due to the high concentration of sugars in the berries, the wine gets rich sweetness that will please fans of sweet dessert wines. The wine is a blend consists of five white grapes. Gravel and limestone in the composition of the soil in which the grapes are grown, are felt beautiful minerality on the palate the wine.
In 2014, the wine "Prestige" Beerenauslese was awarded a silver medal at the "International Wine & Spirit Competition" and a bronze medal at the "International Wine Challenge".

Lenz Moser - Austrian leader in the production of wines. The success of the company owes to its founder - Dr. Lenz Moser III, which will forever remain in the history of winemaking thanks to its extensive know-how. One of his most famous innovation was the introduction of effective principles of formation of vines in areas with a cool climate. System vysokoshtambovyh neukryvnyh vineyards called "Moser system" is now widely distributed in Austria, where it is used by 90% of all vineyards. Currently, the company Lenz Moser combines century-old winemaking traditions with the most modern technologies. Its motto - "Quality is the best form of marketing strategy." Therefore absolutely all wines range - from luxury to budget - are of high quality.

Basic ownership Lenz Moser winery located in Rorendorfe (Lower Austria) and Apetlon (Burgenland). The company also manages the palace winery sovereign of Malta Knights in mailberg and monastic wine cellar siegendorf. Since 1986 Lenz Moser winery owns VOG group that does not have its own vineyards, but has an extensive network of suppliers of grapes in different areas of Austria, the number of which reaches more than 3000. The annual turnover of the winery Lenz Moser is 40 million euros, a year the company produces 17 million bottles of wine , 30% of which is exported.

Producer's description

Group VOG (Vereinigung Oberösterreichischer Großzuckerhändler) was established in 1916 as a trading community of 21 representative for the wholesale supply of sugar, which arose as a result of the First World War crisis. Today, the scope of activity of the group includes such products as wine, dried fruit, pet food, jam, preserves, rapeseed oil and other food and non-food products: home textile, clothing, toys, plastic tableware. Since 1991, the VOG group exists as a limited liability company. It includes more than 10 subsidiaries, 7 companies in Austria and 6 foreign companies. The entire share capital owned by five shareholders of Upper Austria. In 1993, VOG became the owner of your own oil derrick.


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