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Beer Lefebvre, "Barbar" Blonde, 0.33 L

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Tasting Notes


Beer is deep golden in color.


In the rounded taste of beer, the soft sweetness of honey intertwines with the island tones of spices, citrus and flowers. The aftertaste is subtle, without bitterness.


The aroma of beer is filled with rich shades of honey, flowers, spices and citrus fruits.


Beer is recommended to be served with chicken dishes in a dried fruit sauce, goat cheese salad with balsamic vinegar, sliced ​​goat's cheeses, candied fruits, pancakes and other desserts.

Interesting Facts

Strong light ale "Barbar" Blonde wins a powerful fragrance, in which the unobtrusive honeys of honey are framed with flowery-spicy notes. This beer is created on the basis of soft wheat, providing the drink with a rounded taste without excessive gravity. The natural sugar of honey, added in the process of cooking and fermented, turns into alcohol. This gives a soft, but not sweet beer with a touch of refreshing acidity. The recipe for "Barbar" beer Blond comes from authentic old Belgian aleys, which were widely known as "warrior rest".

High quality of ale "Barbara" Blond is awarded with the following awards:
- Gold medal at the "Brussels Beer Challenge, 2013";
- a gold medal at EBS 2012;
- a silver medal at the "Australian International Beer, 2010".

Producer's description

The Lefebvre brewery is located in Walloon Brabant and dates back to 1876. It was then that Jules José Lefèvre opened a small full-cycle enterprise for the creation of a foam drink, which included: a grain growing farm, a malt factory and a brewery proper. Lefebvre has very successfully chosen the location of his company: nearby there were several pubs, where often working masons. They liked Lefebvre's beer so much that they made famous about it in the surrounding villages, and the sales market has significantly expanded. The brewer supplied its products in standard 100 l drums at that time.

In those days, beer was considered a healthy drink, it filled the need of peasants in the vitamins of group B and contained less than 3% of alcohol. According to the statistics then, the use of a foam drink from Belgium was 240 liters per person, including women and children. Brewing quickly became the general business of the Lefebvre family, and in 1897 the next generation - Augustus and his wife Juliette - became the head of the company. The First World War caused great damage to the Lefebvre brewery. By order of the German troops, its equipment was dismantled and melted down to weapons. The production was temporarily transferred to a cooperative in Rebec.

In August 1919, Augustus managed to buy a bankrupt brewery in the town of Kenastes cheaply. In 1923, after the sudden death of Augustus, the business moved to his son Gaston Lefebvre. In the next decade, he refurbished the plant, instead of barrels, installing conical fermentation cylinders. This allowed the Lefebvre brewery to become one of the most technologically advanced in its region. The Second World War significantly slowed down production, much helped by the government's decree, according to which all breweries were required to make beer with an alcohol content of not more than 0.8%. After the war, sharply increased the popularity of pilsner, which Lefevre did not produce.

In 1953, Pierre Levefre took over the brewery. He introduced several new varieties of beer into the assortment and brought the enterprise out of the crisis. In 1975, he handed over the reign to his son Philip. Having a marketing diploma, Philippe easily managed a successful company for the popularization of Lefebvre beer. In 1983, he managed to obtain a license from the Floreff Abbey to make beer on special monastic recipes. The year 1989 was marked by the release of the beer "Student", which won a huge success and for the export market was renamed "Blanche de Bruxelles." The following years were marked by the expansion of the brewery's assortment: in 2002, the son of Philip and Anna Paul joined it. personally developed a line of fruit lambics.In 2005, Sister Polya, Céline, reinforces Lefebvre's management, taking care of the management and administration of the company.


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