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Wine Le Corti, Camporsino, Chianti DOCG, 2011

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Tasting Notes


Wine of deep ruby ​​color.


Soft, rounded, full-bodied, well-balanced wine with a harmonious taste and a long finish with notes of red fruits.


Rich aroma of wine contains notes of overripe fruit and black cherry, hints of spice.


The wine is recommended to serve red meat, mature cheeses, pasta with meat sauce, lasagna, risotto.

Interesting Facts

Tommaso Bussola different insatiable passion for experimentation, he is eager to grasp how much he can get from his beloved land of Valpolicella, and especially - to test himself whether he will create a wine of your dreams.
Gambero Rosso, 1999

Wine L'Errante "TB" made ​​from grape varieties Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc grown on different vineyards Rosso Veronese IGT at an altitude of 400 meters above sea level. Translated from the Italian "L'Errante" means "Wanderer": on the wine label depicts a silhouette of a lone wanderer on the road. Indeed, the wine is "wandering" in the production process: grapes grow quite far to the south of Verona, after the harvest it is transported to the winery "Ca 'del Laito", soft pressing for transport to another winery, etc.

In the famous Italian wine region of Valpolicella (Valpolicella), in the province of Veneto, near Verona, is Tommaso Bussola - winery, one of the three leading manufacturers of local wines. Owner economy Tommaso Bussola, is not a descendant of the family of winemakers, and far from having a wine specialty mason, nevertheless had a fairly clear idea of ​​this activity, as it helps in the work of his uncle, Bussola Giuseppe winemaker at his vineyard. But gradually he became involved in the process so that in 1983 made its first vinification. At first he followed all the traditions and methods adopted in this area, personally supervising all production processes. But later realized a number of innovations - applied green trim, with special attention to the selection of berries and wines for aging, as an experiment, I decided to use new oak barrels.

Since the end of 1980 the reins completely passed into the hands of Tommaso, uncle retired, leaving him a magnificent old vineyards, which are located in the best parts of the region. They grow old local clones: Rondinella (Rondinella) - 20% Corvina Gross (Corvina Grossa) - 25%, Korvinone (Corvinone) - 40%, they represent a significant area of ​​the economy Tommaso, who is proud and appreciates these varieties, which have naturally low yields. In addition to these varieties in the vineyards Bussol grow old vine Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Dindarelly (Dindarella) and Pindar (Pindara). Favorite brand Tommaso - whimsical and quite rare Korvinone, in the opinion of the owner lends depth, power, wealth, density and extraordinary aroma of his wines, he calls him "Super Corwin." Not so long ago Tommaso began to grow a little-known varieties Teroldego (Teroldego).

Currently, Tommaso Bussola wines are widely known, they consistently win one award after another, including a blind tasting. New wines which are the most modern technologies are the label "TB" - "Tommaso Bussola", now known throughout the world. They differ from other great tasting top winemakers in the region bright aroma and extraordinary fruitiness. Tommaso, like all the best producers of Valpolicella and Amarone, maintains its highest range wines in new oak barrels, but in spite of this, it did not seem wines oak notes and dominated by heavy, thick, juicy and lush fruit tones that characterize the wine "TB ". A famous Italian wine guide Gambero Rosso annually recognizes them as one of the best wines of the region. But the standard range of wines with the logo "BG", the wine is named in honor of his uncle Bussola Dzhezeppe (Bussola Giuseppe), uncover the secrets of the craft for Tommaso adequately represent the traditional Valpolicella wine region. These wines are made according to the traditional rules to them obligatory aging in old barrels. They also have excellent quality.

Producer's description

Winery Le Corti was owned by Prince Corsini with 1427. Farm size is 260 hectares, which are mainly planted with vines and olive trees. The original winery was built in the late 16th century, and its ancient cellars, which have been preserved in its original form, today reserved for a stunning wine shop. Since 1992, the company Le Corti focused on the production of quality wines, worthy of the status of the Chianti Classico.

Corsini family is one of the oldest and wonderful Tuscan families. They arrived in Florence in 1100 from the area of ​​Poggibonsi, a small town between Florence and Siena. After the start of the political and ecclesiastical career, they excelled in all directions. The most prominent members of the family are Andrea di Niccolo (1302-1374), Bishop of Florence, canonized in 1624, and Cardinal Lorenzo (1652-1740), who was elected Pope in 1730 under the name of Clemente XII.

To date, in addition to the production of wine and olive oil, the company Le Corti conducts tours, including an introduction to the history of the family, visits to historical buildings and the opportunity to taste the products of the winery.


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In our store you can buy wine Le Corti, Camporsino, Chianti DOCG, 2011, price Le Corti, Camporsino, Chianti DOCG, 2011 — $ 13. Producer wine Le Corti. Delivery Le Corti, Camporsino, Chianti DOCG, 2011.

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