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Wine "La Meirana", Gavi DOCG del Comune di Gavi, 2010

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Tasting Notes


The wine is light straw-yellow color.


Taste wine, dry, beautiful, bright, well-balanced, with fruity tones and a touch of characteristic almond aftertaste.


The aroma of wine is fresh, fruity, with expressive tones of yellow peach, apricot, mint and light shades of colors, anise and floral honey.


The wine goes well with appetizers, main dishes of fish and white meats, fish sauce, seafood.

Interesting Facts

"La Meirana" - a bright representative of the classic white semi-dry wine from the province of Gavi. Made from traditional varieties Cortese di Gavi wine has a fruity flavor with hints of almond characteristic. Italian wine made from varieties Cortese, was the first white Italian wines that have received international recognition and acclaim. So, "La Meirana" was presented at such prestigious international events as the celebration in the Vatican of the 25th anniversary of Pope John Paul II as pontiff, during the meeting the "Big Eight" in L'Aquila, in the official banquets in a number of Italian embassies.

The grapes for "La Mairan" grown in the southern part of the Commune di Gavi, at an altitude of 290-300 meters above sea level. After the harvest, the grapes are fermented in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature of 18-20 ° C, to keep fresh fruit flavor and aroma. The wine is aged in steel tanks for about six months. Cortese has excellent potential for aging and long-term storage. At the peak of wine "La Mairan" will be in the period from 2012 to 2016.

Vineyards Mairan area were already known in 971, as evidenced by a document stored in the state archives in Genoa. Company Broglia Tenuta La Meirana was founded by Bruno Brawley, but fame and glory she achieved this thanks to the enthusiasm and efforts of his son, the current owner - Pietro Brawley. Pietro - very energetic and well-known people in Italy. In 1994 he was elected to the Italian Parliament as a member of the Committee of Agriculture, he is also president of Consorzio di Tutela del Gavi, he was the first in Italy has developed an inventory of Gavi vineyards. Pietro Brawley often likes to say that "wine - this is the magic of the earth, the work of man, the sun and wind. The wine is not made, it is created." About Wine Pietro Brawley really can say so! They are created with great love and respect. At its vineyards, covering an area of ​​100 hectares, and the winery Pietro conducts numerous studies in collaboration with the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Turin and the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Milan. As a result of one of these research works have been selected and certified three new clones that were planted in 2008 on a new vineyard near the winery. Along with new areas, Brawley carefully preserves the vineyards planted by his father in 1953 and 1955. Wines Broglia Tenuta La Meirana present in many important public events in Italy and is actively exported to the world market.


  • Color depth: bright
  • Body/Saturation: full-bodied
  • Serving temperature: 11-12°С
  • Website:
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In our store you can buy wine "La Meirana", Gavi DOCG del Comune di Gavi, 2010, price "La Meirana", Gavi DOCG del Comune di Gavi, 2010 — $ 10. Producer wine Broglia. Delivery "La Meirana", Gavi DOCG del Comune di Gavi, 2010.

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